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What You May Not Know About Alexis Danson, Ted Danson’s Daughter


Alexis Danson is a celebrity daughter who has garnered limelight because of her career as a singer and model. Ted Danson is a top Hollywood actor and film producer, and his many years in the entertainment industry have made him a celebrity.

Ted adopted Alexis when she was young, and despite Ted divorcing his second wife, Casey, Alexis has maintained a close bond with her parents. Ted Danson and his second wife, Casey Coates, adopted Alexis, and with time, she has enjoyed her parents’ fame.

Alexis Danson Bio

Alexis Danson was born in 1985 to Kelly Topel, who is her biological mother. Kelly gave up her daughter for adoption because of the mental issues she was experiencing, and she got a good family. Casey and Ted were Alexis’s adoptive parents, and they have ensured she grows up to be a fine lady.

Casey had one daughter with Ted Danson, but in the process of giving birth, she suffered from a fatal attack. As a result, Casey and Ted went for the adoption option, becoming a family of four, including their daughters.

Casey and Ted paid $7,000 to Kelly Topel to adopt Alexis and raise her as their own, and they have done a good job. Alexis is now a model and actress, and she is getting famous quickly because of her career.

Alexis Danson Siblings

Alexis Danson is a proud sister, and she has two siblings. Her elder sister is called Kate, and she is an actress who has featured in numerous roles, like her father. Alexis has a stepbrother, Charlie McDowell, who is Lilly Collins’s husband. McDowell is Mary Steenburgen’s son from her previous relationship and is related to Alexis after her father married Mary.

Alexis Danson Career

Alexis was a bright student from a young age, and she majored in music. Alexis took the stage name Lux Livid, shortened to Lux and her hip hop music gained recognition, making her one of the best American singers.

Alexis released her debut single in 2009, and she was planning on releasing her debut album. In the past, Alexis has worked as a model featured in famous magazines, which boosted her career as a singer.

Who is Kate Danson?

Kate Danson is an actress who is recognized for her acting skills. Kate’s father is an actor, and the father and daughter have featured in the same films in the past. Kate earned a degree in production design from a reputable college in Los Angeles, and she joined her father in the entertainment industry after she graduated.

Kate has made a name for herself, and she continues to act in Hollywood. Kate has also got attention because of her relationship with Jesse Bocho, whose father is a famous television producer.

Who is Alexis’s Father

Ted Danson is the father of Alexis. Alexis was adopted by Ted when she was young, and he has been caring for her since her childhood. Despite Alexis’s parents divorcing, Alexis was in touch with her parents, and she enjoyed her childhood with her elder sister, Kate.