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Who is Gabriela Sabag, Everything About Valentin Elizalde’s Ex-Wife


Gabriela Sabag is a figure who has come into the public because of her relationship controversy after her husband, Valentin Elizalde, a Mexican singer, died under unclear circumstances. Gabriela is said to plan to wed his ex-husband’s cousin, Fausto Tano Elizalde, who was involved in her husband’s murder.

Gabriela Sabag was married to the Mexican singer in 1999 when they were nineteen years old. The couple shared a daughter, but they had differences, which resulted in a separation. Gabriela surprised many people when her to-be husband announced that they were already engaged and were waiting to walk down the aisle.

Valentin’s family expressed they were not involved in the story, and they did not care much because Gabriela was not living with their kin when he died. Moreover, it seems Valentin’s family never liked Gabriela much because she made Valentin’s life a nightmare with frequent requests for money.

Who is Gabriela Sabag?

Gabriela Sabag came into the limelight because of her relationship with the Mexican singer Valentin Elizalde. Gabriela was born almost at the same time as Valentin Elizalde, and at the time of their marriage, they were nineteen.

Despite Valentin dying for many years, his memory has remained buried in the hearts of people. His widow made headlines when reports about her started circulating regarding her wedding to the late singer’s cousin.

Tano had proposed to Gabriela, and they were waiting to exchange vows. Tano was suspected to be involved in the murder of Valentin, and it surprised many that Gabriela was ready to spend her life with the man suspected to have killed her late husband. Gabriela is a mother to a daughter whom she shared with the late Mexican singer.

Who is Gabriela’s Ex-Husband?

Valentin Elizalde was Gabriela Sabag’s husband. Valentin was a Mexican singer who was born on February 1, 1979, in Jitonhueccas, Sonora, where he spent his early years. Valentin grew up with two brothers and a sister, and their father relocated them to Guadalajara when they were young.

Valentin used to sell music cassettes in Palenque, and he pursued a legal degree from the University of Sonora. Valentin started his music career in 1998 when he performed at a party in Bacame nuevo, Sonora.

Since the time he had his first performance, he never backed from singing. In the following years, he wrote several songs in various styles and started showcasing his talent. The singer made headlines with his talent, and he became one of the best singers in Mexico.

Valentin died on November 25, 2006, in Reynosa, Mexico. The people behind the singer’s death have never been brought to books, but one of his cousins, Tano Elizalde, was suspected to have been involved.

Is Gabriela Sabag Married?

Gabriela Sabag lost her husband in 2006, but she later announced that she was engaged to Tano Elizalde, her late husband’s cousin. Gabriela was in contact with Fasti to discuss the story of El Gallo de Oro, and it initiated the relationship that led to an engagement.

Valentin’s close relatives were not surprised by the events, and they were okay with Gabriela marrying Tano.