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Who is Sovereign Bo Raymond? Meet Usher’s Third Child


Sovereign Bo Raymond is a celebrity child who got public attention soon after her parents announced her birth. The unique name impressed many who heard of it, but still, many are wondering why Usher and his wife chose the name for their daughter.

Sovereign Bo is not the only child of Usher, as he has two children from his previous relationship. with Tameka Foster. The proud father would not hide his happiness when his family was finally a family of five with the birth of Sovereign.

Sovereign has a little brother who is one year younger than her, and the family is growing slowly but steadily. Usher was given custody of his sons after he divorced Tameka and currently lives with them alongside his wife, Jenn.

Who is Sovereign Bo Raymond?

Sovereign Bo Raymond is the third child of singer Usher. Usher welcomed his daughter, and he has continued to shower his little girl with love. Sovereign made her debut on TV in 2020, and people got to experience her beauty.

Usher was hosting Ellen DeGeneres, and she joked that Sovereign never looked real and she seemed like a doll. Usher acknowledged that his daughter was indeed a doll until diaper changing time.

Usher explained why he chose her daughter’s name, and according to the singer, Sovereign was a beautiful name, meaning a supreme ruler. The singer added that her daughter is ruling the household, and Bo means she is his little angel. The singer was definitely overjoyed with the birth of his daughter, and it is clear from the name.

Sovereign Bo Raymond’s Siblings

Sovereign Raymond is not the only child of her parents. She has two older brothers and a younger brother, who have made her growing up life more fun. Sovereign’s elder brothers are stepbrothers from her father’s early marriage to Tameka Foster.

Usher Raymond V is the eldest sibling to Sovereign, and he was born on November 7, 2007. Usher revealed during his son’s birth that he wanted to be healthy and grow up with a lot of love. Usher V appeared on the Essence Cover.

Usher V has grown into a big boy, and despite being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he has continued to be healthy, making his father proud. Usher V prefers his nickname, Cinco, to separate himself from his father.

Naviyd Ely is the other sibling of Sovereign, and he was born on December 10, 2008. Naviyd was barely a year old when his parents divorced, but he lived with his father after he was granted full custody.

Siere Castrello is the last born, and he was born on September 29, 2021, a  year after Sovereign was born. Usher is so proud of his children, and he wishes all his children to grow up without a lack of love.

Who is Sovereign Bo Raymond’s Mother?

Jenne Goicoechea is the mother of Sovereign Bo. Jenne and Usher have been married for a while, and they walked down the aisle after dating for a while. Jenne is the second wife after Usher divorced Tameka, and they are proud parents to two children.