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All About Actor LeVar Burton’s Son, Eian Burton

All About Actor LeVar Burton's Son, Eian Burton

Eian Burton is the son of American actor, television host and director LeVar Burton. He was born in 1980 in Los Angeles, California and has one younger sibling, Mica Burton. Mica followed in her father’s career path, and she is now an actress and has hosted various events.

When Eian Burton was born, his father was not around and did not know his existence. His mother decided not to disclose that she was pregnant and even wanted to raise Eian alone; however, things seemed not to work for her and she had to inform LeVar of his existence. By the time he was three years old, his father came into his life, and he was willing to spend time with his son and recover for the lost time.

Education and Professional Career

Eian is educated; he went to elementary school in his neighbourhood and later joined Los Altos High School for his high school education. In high school, Eian Burton was active in sporting activities but never intended to pursue either football or basketball as a career. Upon completing his high school education, Eian Burton joined Foothill College Los Altos to study an education course.

Eian Burton took a different path from his father’s regarding his professional life. Having studied Education in college, he specialized in teaching students with special needs, and she has been actively impacting the lives of these students as a special education teacher.

The Relationship Between Eian’s Parents

Eian’s parents do not hate each other, given that their relationship was casual. His parents seem to have led their lives privately and helped each other raise Eian when he was young. However, in the 1980s, Eian’s mother accused LeVar of kidnapping the child; he was supposed to spend two weeks with Eian, but he stayed longer than that, and Chimara P. Smith, Eian’s mother, thought that she had gone with her son to Africa.

Eian’s father is married and has a daughter named Mica, and on the other hand, Chimara goes on with her life and is married as well.

His Father

Eian’s father is known for his role in Star Trek: The Next Generation, where he played Geordi La Forge for seven years. His other famous credit is the miniseries Roots, in which he portrayed Kunta Kinte. Besides acting, Eian’s father has been a television host for several years; he hosted Reading Rainbow, an educational show for kids, and for his role on the show, he has won 12 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Eian’s father is a decorated actor, television host and director, and we will probably see him grace our screens for years.

Professional Life

Despite his father being famous, Eian Burton has preferred to maintain a private life away from the spotlight. It is unclear whether he is married since he has not made this information public. Besides, he has not mentioned if he has any children.

Social Media Presence

Eian is on social media platforms but rarely posts pictures of himself or those of his family. He is on Instagram and Facebook but does not command a large following.