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American Airlines Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Airline company, American Airlines, recently unveiled its new mission statement to employees. The goal of the statement is to communicate the company’s vision for the future.

The new mission statement is to be America’s favorite global airline by getting the most out of every interaction with our customers and team members.

This update happened after their previous mission statement read: “To be America’s leading global airline.”

American Airlines wants to build a positive relationship with its customers through quality service. This is evident in their new vision.

The goal of this new mission statement is to help American Airlines establish positive relationships with their customers through quality service that will hopefully last for many years to come.

Introduction: American Airlines History and Founding

American Airlines has been around since the 1930s, so they have seen some significant changes in the airline industry. One of their most iconic planes is the Boeing 707, which they first acquired as a commercial jetliner in 1959. The company has been through different eras and weathered many storms, but it is still going strong today.


The founding of American Airlines took place on April 14th, 1926 by Charles Lindbergh and his associates. It was first called American Airways and had its headquarters in Chicago and it first flew its inaugural flight from New York to Detroit on September 25th, 1927.

In 1930 they merged with Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT) to form TAT-Airlines which had a connecting service with Pan Am.

American Airlines Business Strategy for Covid-19 Pandemic

The American Airlines company is in a difficult position in terms of this pandemic. They have significant exposure to the illness with their operations and passengers, which is a large percentage of their business. This particular pandemic will have a significant impact on their operations.

In order to manage the risks associated with the disease, American Airlines has been examining possible countermeasures that can be taken in response to these challenges. The company has been proactive about this by preparing for all potential outcomes of the pandemic but it is unclear if they will be enough for them to stay afloat until it’s over or not.

It’s most likely that they will need external assistance from other organizations in order to make it through this pandemic unscathed.

How to Develop & Implement an Effective Corporate Missions Statement?

An effective corporate mission statement can help an organization clarify its vision, mission and values. It is a first step organizations take to create a culture of accountability and transparency.

Some key points on how to create a mission statement:

– Start with a broad, general statement that is easy to support.

– Be concise but comprehensive.

– Be specific about the organization’s vision and goals for the future.

– Include what the company’s values are.

Conclusion: American Airlines Look for the Future Amid Pandemic

In the wake of the Ebola pandemic, American Airlines were looking for a way to stay ahead of the curve and secure a future for themselves. The company decided to invest in a future where service is delivered by robots, not humans.

The airline has partnered with Cobalt Robotics to design and build a fleet of robots that will be able to spot problems before they grow into situations that need human intervention.

This article is an eyewitness account of how one company is trying to survive amidst the Ebola pandemic and what they’re doing now. This article also mentions some other companies who are also looking at ways to combat this pandemic as well as those who have already been affected by it.