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California Car Shipping: What are the Things that You Need to Know?


A long-distance move to a new city might mean that you’ll have to ship your boxes and your vehicle in one go, so you don’t need to worry about anything else. Others may want to take a flight to California from Washington or New York so they can arrange their utilities, landlines, and cable subscriptions in the new place before most of their stuff arrives. See more info about relocation on this site here.

Fortunately, you don’t need to drive thousands of miles yourself because there are movers who can work with you, and they will handle most of the hard work on your behalf. So, whether you’re buying a vehicle from a different state, you want to relocate because of a new job, or you’re planning for a vacation, hiring the right shipping company can help you make the entire process more seamless and hassle-free.

Essentials to Know Before Booking the Movers

  1. Do In-Depth Research

Vet each of the companies that you see online thoroughly and make sure that they have been operating in the industry for a very long time. Their credentials matter as well as their licenses, certificates, insurance, and reviews. Satisfied customers and positive feedback will mean that the drivers of companies like RoadRunner California Car Shipping know the routes, the deliveries are fast, and the communication is clear. Their pricing should also be reasonable and fair, and you’ll have peace of mind that your vehicle will arrive in California at the agreed time.

  1. Learning about the Different Options Out there

Primary methods of transport include open and enclosed types. It’s generally cheaper to choose an open trailer truck because you can spread the costs with the other owners. However, the downside is that it’s going to expose your automobile to rain, ultraviolet rays of the sun, road debris, and other potential elements that can harm the exterior. This might not apply to people who are shipping expensive and vintage car models for shows across the country. Enclosed types are more suitable for them, but they are often going to be more expensive and can come at a higher price.

  1. Preparations to Know

Before you handle anything to the driver of the shipping company, you need to wash your car and make adequate preparations before the transport. Remove any loose change, dirt, plastic, stuffed toys, and other personal belongings to prevent damage.

The tank should be around a quarter full of gas, but you can also ask the company about this to prevent disputes later. Depending on the state where you’re going and its location to and from California, you need to determine the type of gas that’s considered to be adequate for the trip. You can always ask questions, and you should also document and photograph the car so making disputes can be easier later.

  1. Adequate Insurance Coverage

Basic protection can be expected with an automotive transport company. However, if you need more, you can always purchase additional insurance to cover the full extent of your needs. You might want to check the coverage and packages from different providers for more information. See the policies and make sure that they are exactly what you need for better peace of mind.

  1. Book as Early as Possible

Avoid the holiday rush and only make a call to the transport company when it’s not too hectic. For one, you’ll likely find a driver that will accommodate the shipment in the fastest time possible, and the deliveries are going to arrive sooner. Don’t wait until the last minute before paying for anything because higher volumes of traffic can be expected during peak seasons. Bookings can also be an option, so you won’t be charged hefty fees.

  1. Review the T&Cs

See if there are hidden fees, and if something is not clear, ask a representative as soon as possible. There are factors like damage liabilities, timeframes, cancellations, and fees that you need to cover for customs. Knowing what you’re paying for in the first place can prevent misunderstandings later on, and you can better prepare a budget for it when needed. Prevent instances of disputes and get the details clear upfront.

  1. Communicate Well with the CompanyCommunicate-Well-with-the-Company

For a smoother experience, you need to be able to constantly monitor the progress of your shipment and this can be done through GPS services. Find info about GPS at this link: Always prefer the ones with the higher ratings and those that have customer service representatives who can straightforwardly answer your questions.

You can also confirm their licenses and insurance through their websites and see if they have positive reviews. You need the ones who can help you ship your automobile to or from California in the best way possible. Prepare for delivery and report any issues that you see afterward. Take photos and videos as evidence and trust your instincts when selecting a company.