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Top 10 Pieces Of Home Gym Equipment And Why

Top 10 Pieces Of Home Gym Equipment And Why

In this article, we uncover the 10 most essential pieces of home gym equipment and why. We explain what each item does, how it can be used, and why it is popular. We include comments from fitness industry experts Mirafit. The summary describes why having these core items is crucial and how they can help.

  1. Dumbbells are the most well-known and iconic piece of gym equipment. They are a simple go-to gym in your home. Dumbbells are popular because they typically come in sets, and you can use various weights without them taking up too much room; they can be especially effective with good gym storage. A dumbbell is the traditional hand weight; it is possible to buy it in 2.5kg, and a good starting weight is a 5kg dumbbell. It is light enough to work on the smaller muscles as you improve your strength and move onto large weights. A good range for a man is 5kg,10kg,15kg and 20kg
  2. Gym Mats, never underestimate the value of a good Gym mat. A gym mat can be essential for comfort and safety if you do bodyweight exercises or any floor exercises. They are typically foam or cork and are super-light, easy to store, and provide security when you are working out. 
  3. Power Bag, an overlooked home gym item, can be a brilliant tool for strength and stamina training. You can run with it, practice overhead lifts, and clean and press it. The power bag is a reinforced heavy-denier nylon strapped bag, generally with a Velcro fastening and a zip for extra security.  You can buy power bags of various weights, and they are normally filled with kiln-dried sand. Power-Bag
  4. Kettlebells, you may have seen them, but perhaps you have not used a Kettlebell before. Many PTs rave about Kettlebells, as they can strengthen or enhance the difficulty of an exercise. Kettlebells are a lump of iron with a handle, and they are relatively maintenance-free and, when bought in a package, can save you money. Popular for all-over body workouts, you can use them in hand for lunges, arm curls and hip thrusts, amongst others. 
  5. Power Racks are large frames that usually provide a structure for Barbell exercises. You can use them as a central object and build out from them in a number of ways. Often, home gym users will add pull-up bars, medicine ball targets, platforms, and, most importantly, spotters. Rack spotters help to save you if your lift is too heavy and you are training on your own. 
  6. Medicine Ball is a weighted ball that can be thrown, caught, or held while doing bodyweight exercises. It is an excellent item for Russian twists, where you sit with slightly elevated legs and move the ball from hip to hip, twisting with the weighted ball. Medicine balls are often used like wall balls to throw and catch. You can work up quite a sweat using a medicine ball, so they are a favourite in group exercise.
  7. Weight Bench is a foundational piece of home gym equipment, especially for those looking to work on their upper body (Typically, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and back). A bench supports your body positions while training. Some are fixed, while others are hinged, declined, or have leg add-ons for plates. Quality varies on benches, so it is essential to read up on the types of benches. 
  8.  A pull-up bar is a type of gym equipment designed to use body weight to provide resistance for pull-ups. It is sold as wall-mounted (standalone) or rack-mounted, meaning that it can be added to your Power Rack or gym wall.  You can add to the difficulty by using wearable weights like a weight vest or by looping a resistance band through a weight plate and around your waist. Also, half-movements can make the exercises much more challenging. A-pull-up-bar
  9. Resistance Bands, without fail, is the one item that can perform a myriad of crucial home gym functions. The humble Resistance Band is an excellent piece of equipment that can be used to warm up and warm down and add additional difficulty resistance to typical gym movements. Bands are used to add weight and destabilise some movements and other crucial functions. There are many exercises that you can do with a band. 
  10. Gym Storage last but by no means least, provides several key benefits. Firstly, it allows you to store and access your equipment safely. It also helps clear floor space, which removes trip hazards and allows you to see items in order and access them quickly during a gym session. If you have a selection of items in your home gym, then do not forget that overlooking storage can be a huge mistake. 


Think about your goals and what you want to achieve with your home fitness, then consider the area you have to work with and how easy it will be to store the items. The best thing to do is to have your equipment visible so that if it forces you to use it, ensuring it is easily accessible increases the likelihood that you will be keen to use it. 

Comment—A Mirafit representative commented that “buying well when acquiring your gym equipment is essential. Space is critical, and the way in which the items can be stored is vital, too”. They recommend that you look at packages as a way to save money and consider how products might be brought together, for example, a Bench and Dumbell package. 

Final thoughts: 

The items above are broad and practical. They perform some primary functions for home gyms and home users. This equipment can work independently and with each other in most cases. It is recommended to consider multifunctional items.