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Carlyne Graham: Networth and Biography


Delve into the compelling narrative of Carlyne Graham, the esteemed wife of NFL player Brandon Graham, through this insightful article. Born on February 5, 1986, in Detroit, Michigan, Carlyne’s journey unfolds from high school sweetheart to a dedicated social worker and licensed psychotherapist. Discover her passion for community service, academic achievements, and the heartwarming love story with Brandon. As a mother of two, Carlyne’s life weaves a rich tapestry of family, career, and philanthropy, providing a glimpse into the dynamic world she has created.

Early Life:

Carlyne Graham, born on February 5, 1986, in Detroit, Michigan, is an American social worker and the wife of NFL player Brandon Graham. Raised in an African-American family, she grew up alongside two sisters, Briana and Makaylah Walton. Carlyne’s educational journey began at Crockett Technical High School, followed by Lane College, where she earned dual degrees in sociology and criminal justice. Her thirst for knowledge led her to Loyola University, where she obtained another dual degree in social work and child & family law in 2012.


Carlyne Graham, a dedicated social worker and licensed psychotherapist, has committed her life to community service. As the Director and Vice President of the Team Graham project, she, alongside her husband Brandon, empowers youth through education and compassion. Carlyne previously served in the private non-profit and public sectors in Chicago, working as a case manager and director of social services. Her career extends to The Postpartum Stress Center, where she practices as a licensed therapist, emphasizing mental health and well-being.

Net Worth:

While Carlyne Graham’s exact net worth isn’t disclosed, her impactful career in social work and involvement in initiatives like Team Graham and Carla’s Circle contribute significantly. Her spouse, Brandon Graham, the Philadelphia Eagles defensive end, boasts a net worth of $32 million, earned through his successful NFL career spanning 13 seasons. The couple’s combined efforts in philanthropy and Brandon’s athletic success have likely resulted in a substantial family net worth.


Born into an African-American family, Carlyne Graham is the daughter of Darrick Walton, with details about her mother remaining private. She shares her upbringing with two sisters, Briana and Makaylah Walton. Carlyne’s family background, rooted in support and values, has played a crucial role in shaping her character and commitment to community service.


Carlyne Graham’s love story with NFL player Brandon Graham began in high school, evolving from high school sweethearts to a married couple. After over a decade of dating, they tied the knot on May 24, 2014. The couple shares two children, a daughter named Emerson Abigail Graham, born in 2016, and a son, Bryson Walton Graham, born in 2019. The Grahams’ enduring relationship is a testament to their deep connection and shared commitment to family and community.


In exploring Carlyne Graham’s life, we uncover a tapestry woven with resilience, love, and commitment. From her impactful career as a social worker to her role as a loving wife and mother, Carlyne’s story resonates with dedication and purpose. The enduring love shared with Brandon Graham, paired with their shared commitment to community service, paints a vivid picture of a family making a positive impact. Carlyne’s journey stands as an inspiring testament to the profound influence one can have through a combination of career, family, and a steadfast dedication to uplifting others.