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Jacqueline Georgiou: A successful mother of an even more successful son


Jacqueline Georgiou is an actress from America who appeared in a couple of films but she actually rose to public recognition when her son, James Kennedy, became a popular DJ. Not just the son of Jacqueline Georgiou but her spouse is also a musician. Today, allow us to reveal all the life information of Jacqueline Georgiou in detail.

Here, we will discuss early life, family, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details about Jacqueline Georgiou.

Personal life 

Saying anything confirmed about the early life of Jacqueline Georgiou is not really possible because she hasn’t disclosed anything about her birth details as well as her parents. The only thing you can be sure about the basic information about Jacqueline Georgiou is that she is an American.

Speaking of the love life of Jacqueline Georgiou, she was married to Andros Georgiou, who is a singer. When Jacqueline Georgiou got married and whether or not she is together with her husband today is still not known.

Parents and siblings 

Since Jacqueline Georgiou never preferred her personal family life details to come out in public, not at all anything is available about her parents as well as siblings. Whether her parents are alive today or have already died is not confirmed. In addition to that, nothing is known about their professional as well as professional lives either.


Although no deep insight is available about the married life of Jacqueline Georgiou, the beautiful lady is said to have two children named James Kennedy and Harry Georgiou. Her son James Kennedy is a famous DJ today.

Education and profession

It’s not only the personal life details of Jacqueline Georgiou that she has never shared with the public but she has also never taken the curtains off her educational details. So, let us directly jump to the professional details of Jacqueline Georgiou. We have already told you that she is an actress. She could not bag many films in her career but she definitely achieved a decent level of success.

Reason for the popularity of Jacqueline Georgiou 

Despite the fact that Jacqueline Georgiou is an actress, she actually became famous among people only after her son James Kennedy achieved a giant level of success as a DJ and amassed a huge fan following on Instagram as well.

Net worth of Jacqueline Georgiou

To be honest, the exact net worth of Jacqueline Georgiou has not come out in public yet. Neither Jacqueline Georgiou nor her celebrity son bothered to disclose these details to the public. However, with the fact that Jacqueline Georgiou is an actress, we hope that she must have garnered a huge amount of net worth in her life. As far as the net worth of her celebrity son, James Kennedy, is concerned, it is estimated to be around $4 million right now.


Jacqueline Georgiou worked hard in her life and achieved popularity as well through her own efforts. However, her son has simply eclipsed that with his giant level of success and stardom.