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Chikki Panday- All About the Indian Businessman

Chikki Panday- All About the Indian Businessman

Chikki Panday is an Indian businessman known for his partnership with Indian politician and businessman Ranjeet Deshmukh. The two business associates worked together to co-found the Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning; the foundation is committed to ensuring children from underprivileged families in India receive proper education.

Chikki Panday was born on November 13, 1966 in Mumbai, Sharad Panday and Snehlata Panday. His father was a heart surgeon, while his mother was a physician. He had a good life growing up; his parents were supportive, and they loved him so much.

Education and Career

Regarding his education, Chikki Panday went through the Indian education system; he started his early education in a local elementary school before joining a high school in Mumbai. Upon completing his high school education at St Andrew’s School, he entered college but has never revealed the degree he pursued.

Chikki Panday is a businessman, and his father’s name has influenced his impact on the business world. His father greatly impacted the many patients he attended, making the government name a road after him. Due to this impact, it has been easy for Chikki Panday to find his way into business.

Due to his relationship with politician Ranjeet Deshmukh, Chikki Panday has received some government endorsements; he serves on two government committees.

Chikki Smokes and Drinks Sometimes

Chikki Panday loves to have fun and often drinks with his friends whenever he finds time. He is always the life of the party and does not shy away from showcasing his fun side. Besides, he often smokes cigars, and he has been seen smoking in public on multiple occasions.

Love Life

Chikki Panday is married to a lady named Deanne Pandey; the two met in the 1990s before tying the knot in 1994. Deanne is an author and a wellness coach; as a writer, she has published several books, including I’m Not Stressed, Balance, and Shut Up and Train! Chikki and Deanne have been married for nearly three decades and have two children, a son and a daughter. There have been no rumors of extramarital affairs, and the couple seems to be deeply in love.

His Children

Chikki Panday is a father to two children: a son, Ahaan Panday, born on December 23, 1997, and a daughter, Alanna Panday, born on August 16, 1995. Chikki’s son is an aspiring actor; he has had an interest in acting and is trying to forge a career path different from his father’s. On the other hand, Chikki’s daughter is married to Ivor McCray, an American film director. The two exchanged wedding vows in March 2023, making Chikki Panday a father-in-law.

Social Media

Chikki Panday has an Instagram account but rarely posts pictures of himself or his family. He has gained a massive following on the social media platform due to his political connections and influence in the Indian business world. On Instagram, he has over 90k followers; however, it is unclear if he is on other platforms, such as Facebook and App X.