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Who is Delia Baum?

Who is Delia Baum

Delia Baum is the daughter of American actress and comedian Lisa Ann Walter. She was born in 1992 to the actress and her ex-husband actor Sam Baum. She has three siblings: older brother Jordan and younger brothers Simon, Walter, and Spencer. Given that she was born into a well-off family, all of Delia’s needs were attended to.

Her Parent’s Relationship

Delia’s parents met in the 1980s; they started dating, and after some time, Lisa became pregnant with her first child. In 1992, Delia was born, but then afterward, her parents began experiencing marital issues, and in 1999, the couple separated. At the time of their divorce, Delia Baum was only seven years old; however, her parents made sure they showed her love despite being separated.

Education and Career

Delia Baum has kept a low profile; little is known about her early life and educational details. However, given her family’s affluence and influence, she must have studied in the best schools in the United States of America. Delia has not mentioned her professional career, but some sources indicate she is a photographer. However, Delia has yet to confirm this information.

Personal Life

Delia Baum is quite secretive and rarely reveals details of her personal life; it is unclear whether she is married. However, given her age, she is probably married and has kids; it is just that she has not made this information public.

Her Mother

Delia’s mother ventured into the entertainment industry in the 1990s; she started as a comedian. She did stand-up comedy for about five years before transitioning to acting. As a comedian, Delia’s mother performed in nightclubs and various local events. After gaining national recognition, Lisa appeared in the series My Wildest Dreams.

A year later, Delia’s mother landed another role in the American sitcom Life’s Work; she appeared on the show from 1996 to 1997. Her other 1990s credits are Emeril and Breaking News. In the 2000s, Delia’s mother appeared in Shall We Dance, Bruce Almighty, Watch Over Me, and Drillbit Taylor.

Delia’s mother is still active in the entertainment industry, and as of 2021, she was portraying teacher Melissa Schemmenti in the comedy series Abbott Elementary. Recently, she has been posting on her Instagram page that there will be more episodes of the comedy show, and we will be featured.

Net Worth

Given that Delia Baum has not made the details of what she does to earn a living public, it is hard to tell her net worth. On the other hand, her mother has a net worth of 400,000 dollars; she has made her wealth through an acting career lasting over twenty years. Besides, she has received several endorsements that have contributed significantly to her overall net worth.

Social Media

Delia Baum is not a social media enthusiast, as she does not like sharing details of her personal life on the internet. No accounts affiliated with her have been found on Instagram, Facebook, or App X. On the other hand, her mother is active on Instagram and often shares pictures and videos of herself, friends, and fellow celebrities.