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All About Django Crosby, David Crosby’s Youngest Son

All About Django Crosby, David Crosby’s Youngest Son

Django Crosby has been on the ladder of most netizens due to his relationship with David Crosby. He is the son of the late American singer and his wife, Jane Dance. Django Crosby was born in July 1997 in L, California. He had a close relationship with his father, often accompanying him to various events.

His Siblings

Django Crosby has three older siblings: James, Donovan, and Erika. His brother James often performed with his father, and he has been trying to perform his music over the years. Recently, he had a performance in Los Angeles, California. Besides his three siblings, Django Crosby has a relationship with Mellissa Etheridge’s two children; his father was the sperm donor.

One of the two children of Melissa Etheridge died at the age of 21 due to a drug overdose; he had been fighting an opioid addiction for a long time. His parents tried to help him out by giving him the best care they could, but they could not get him out of the shackles of the addiction.

Personal Life

Django Crosby is easygoing and often finds it easy to make friends. He had a great relationship with his father and lived with him. As his father battled his illness, Django Crosby was by his side as he cared for him. His father often mentioned how great his son was, and his good attributes were why he continued to live with him even as an adult.

Django Crosby has kept a low-key profile regarding his love life, and it is hard to tell whether he is dating anyone. Besides, no news has emerged on the internet claiming that he sees anyone. He is yet to become a father.

What Does He Do?

Django Crosby has not revealed what he does to earn a living, but most of his father’s fans would have loved to see him “wear” his father’s “shoes” and continue with his legacy. He was a great musician, leaving a void in the fast music industry. Django Crosby seems to be focusing on a different career but has not revealed what he does.

His Father’s Music Career

Django’s father ventured into the music industry in the 1960s; after dropping out of college, he started performing with Terry Callier but did not get a recording contract. In the mid-1960s, Django’s father performed with the Balladeers and released four songs. Over the years, he worked with various artists, including his son James. Besides, he formed Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, the group attaining great success in the late 1960s and 1970s.

What was the Cause of His Father’s Death?

According to Django’s mother, David was suffering from a long illness, but she never mentioned the name of the disease. Despite not elaborating on the cause of the veteran singer’s death, some sources indicated that COVID-19 contributed to his demise. Given that he was already since coronavirus disease just made things worse for him as he succumbed to the disease on January 18, 2023, aged 81.