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Meet Jasmine Al-Fayed- The Founder of Jasmine di Milo Fashion Label

Meet Jasmine Al-Fayed- The Founder of Jasmine di Milo Fashion Label

Jasmine Al-Fayed is the daughter of Egyptian businessman Mohamed Al-Fayed and his second wife, Heini Wathen. Jasmine, who was born in 1980, has four siblings, namely Camilla, Omar, Karim, and Dodi, who died in 1997 in a car crash. Jasmine’s mother is a Finnish former model and socialite.


Jasmine’s father’s fame and affluence played a major role in Jasmine joining the best schools. After completing primary education in a private school, she joined a prestigious high school where she furthered her studies. In high she was shy but kind-hearted. Upon completing high school, she joined the London College of Fashion for her bachelor’s degree.

Jasmine did not complete her college education, so she received a lot of criticism from her fans. They were uncomfortable with her taking a shortcut by using her father’s influence to sway people in the fashion industry. She chose to do a one-year apprenticeship at her father’s company.


After dropping out of college, Jasmine Al-Fayed joined her father’s company, where she was an apprentice for one year before opening her store. She started her fashion label, Jasmine di Milo, 2003 at the Harrods fashion department. Jasmine’s fashion label received a lot of criticism as her critics cited nepotism as the reason she was in the fashion industry.

Jasmine did not care what the naysayers said, but she kept working hard in what she loved most to pursue her interests and become the best she could be in the fashion industry. Over the years, Jasmine has proved her critics wrong; her fashion label has been doing well and has gone international; she has worked with various celebrities who can vouch for her in the fashion industry. Jasmine has worked with Sienna Miller, Thandie Newton, and Victoria Beckham; she has done well for herself, and her fashion designs are now in over 40 countries.

Philanthropy and Other Interests

After becoming successful in the fashion industry, Jasmine committed herself to helping those in need. Over the years, she has contributed to various charitable causes and funded specialist nurse training. Besides, Jasmine contributed over 1.5 million dollars to her trust fund to help support child welfare. Indeed, Jasmine has greatly impacted society and is still devoted to positively impacting the lives of various individuals.

Besides her charitable causes, Jasmine has been a sensation in the fashion industry and often shows up at various events such as the Oscars, Cannes Film Festival, and Victoria’s Fashion Show. Due to her success in the fashion industry, she has gained high-profile admirers like Rihanna.

What is Her Net Worth?

Jasmine Al-Fayed has been in the fashion industry for about two decades now, and throughout this time, she has seen growth, having worked with various celebrities. Besides her fashion label, Jasmine di Milo has been doing well, and the huge sales have significantly contributed to her net worth, though she has not revealed how wealthy she is.

Social Media

Jasmine Al-Fayed is media-shy, and finding some of her pictures online is quite hard. She is not active on social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, or App X, but then you can read about her charitable causes on social media.