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Get to Know Luke Rubenfeld, Actor Paul Rubens’s Brother

Get to Know Luke Rubenfeld, Actor Paul Rubens's Brother

Luke Rubenfeld is the brother of American actor and comedian Paul Rubens, who died in July 2023 following a long battle with lung cancer. He comes from a well-known family in the United States of America; his father was a pilot who worked for the United States Army and the Royal Air Force. Luke’s mother, Judy Rubenfeld, was an actress known for appearing on Big Top Pee-Wee. She was also a teacher.

Furthermore, Luke’s older sister, Abby Rubenfeld, is an American attorney and civil rights activist in Nashville, Tennessee.

Early Life and Education

Luke Rubenfeld was born in 1958 in Oneonta, New York, United States, to Milton and Judy Rubenfeld. Despite his busy schedule and career as a salesperson and pilot, his father always created time to spend with his family. Luke’s family moved to Sarasota, Florida, due to the nature of his father’s work.

Regarding his education, Luke Rubenfeld attended school in his hometown, Sarasota; after completing elementary school, he joined Sarasota High School. However, it is unclear if he continued his college education after high school.


Luke Rubenfeld was not interested in a career in the entertainment industry; rather, he chose a different career path from his brother’s. He is a dog trainer and has been doing this business for over a decade. Luke is passionate about animals and has a special liking for dogs, so he devoted his life to training them.

Family Life

Luke Rubenfeld is a family; he is married and has kids; however, he has kept these details away from the public. He does not like the media attention, and he has made sure details of his personal life do not leak on the internet. Luke has a great relationship with his sister, Abby, and often calls her to discuss family issues. He also had a good relationship with his late brother Paul, but in 2012, Paul filed a lawsuit against him, but details of the case were never made public.

His Brother

Luke’s brother had an affinity for acting since he was a young child, and due to his curiosity, he often found himself in trouble. As a teen, he was arrested on multiple occasions; one time, he was detained for illegal exposure to porn. Fast forward to his professional career, Paul greatly impacted the entertainment industry. As a comedian, he had a great influence and was greatly loved by his fans.

Despite having a great career as a comedian and actor, Luke’s brother’s job was marred with scandals; he had been arrested on multiple occasions. Some of the reasons for his arrests included indecent exposure to child pornography, among others. He died on July 30, 2023, after battling leukemia and lung cancer for six years.

Social Media

Luke is not on social media platforms; he uses his time to train and interact with dogs. No accounts are affiliated with him on Instagram, Facebook, or App X. On the other hand, his brother was a social media fan, and he used to post some of his content on his social media handles until his demise.