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Cody Selman: Networth and Biography


Delving into the life of Cody Selman, an influential American businessman, this article unravels the layers of his journey. From his early years in the U.S. to a thriving career managing Kyle Busch and co-owning Jimmy John’s franchises, Cody’s story is a blend of success and family. With a focus on his net worth, intertwined with wife Jamie Little’s, we explore the financial landscape of this power couple. Family ties, career intricacies, and personal milestones paint a vivid picture of Cody’s life, offering readers a nuanced understanding of the man behind the scenes in the NASCAR and business realms.

Early Life:

Cody Selman, a prominent American businessman, hails from the United States. Born to Wayne Selman, details about his mother remain undisclosed. Growing up with his brother Chase, Cody embodies the white ethnic group, holding American nationality. While specific details about his early life are limited, his Twitter account, boasting 571 followers, hints at his digital presence. Cody’s journey from childhood to adulthood in the U.S. forms the backdrop of his successful life, blending personal and professional aspects seamlessly.


Notably, Cody Selman’s career trajectory is marked by his stint as Kyle Busch’s former manager, showcasing a dynamic professional background. Currently, he co-owns and manages two Jimmy John’s sandwich shops in Summerlin alongside his wife, NASCAR pit road reporter Jamie Little. His involvement as a tire changer for the Dreyer & Reinbold race team during the Indy 500 weekend adds layers to his multifaceted career. Despite the lack of specific information about his work background, Cody’s success is evident, transcending the shadow of his wife’s fame.

Net Worth:

While Cody Selman’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, indications suggest substantial wealth amassed through his successful career. Managing Kyle Busch’s affairs and overseeing the Jimmy John’s franchise in Summerlin undoubtedly contribute to his financial prosperity. Additionally, his wife, Jamie Little, a renowned Fox Sports reporter, boasts an estimated net worth of $2 million as of January 2024. The couple’s combined financial standing reflects a life of affluence, aligning with their high-profile careers in the sports and media industry.


Cody Selman’s family forms the foundation of his identity. Born to Wayne Selman, his father, the details about his mother are yet to be unveiled. Growing up with sibling Chase, the Selman family seems to have played a crucial role in Cody’s upbringing. Despite the limited information available, the familial bonds and influences likely shaped Cody’s character and contributed to his journey as a successful businessman and manager.


Cody Selman’s personal life is intertwined with a lasting and happy marriage to Jamie Little, a prominent Fox Sports reporter. The couple, who tied the knot in 2010 in La Jolla, California, shares two children: Carter Wayne Selman, born in 2012, and Sierra Lynn Selman, born in 2016. Residing in Las Vegas, Cody and Jamie project a picture of marital bliss, exuding opulence and stability. Their enduring relationship, marked by a lack of scandals, stands as a testament to their commitment and shared happiness.


In traversing Cody Selman’s narrative, we witness a life shaped by dynamic career choices, a robust family foundation, and enduring marital bliss. From managing the affairs of a racing icon to co-owning thriving ventures, Cody’s professional journey reflects resilience and success. The article navigates through the financial landscape, highlighting the prosperous union with Jamie Little. Grounded in familial bonds, Cody’s story is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of personal and professional realms. As we conclude this exploration, the tapestry of Cody Selman’s life emerges as a captivating mosaic, rich in achievements, relationships, and the pursuit of happiness.