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Yukiye Kitahara: All About Pat Morita’s Ex-Wife


Yukiye Kitahara is a lady who has preferred to have a life away from the limelight since she divorced the late actor Pat Morita. Pat Morita became famous as Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid, and since then, people have been interested in his affairs and family.

Yukiye was the second wife to the famed actor, remaining by each other’s side for 19 years. Unfortunately, the marriage ended in a divorce, but no one came to the public to explain why they chose so. Yukiye and Pat respected each other very much, explaining why they decided to lead private lives after their marriage ended.

Yukiye Kitahara’s Net Worth 2024

Yukiye Kitahara is a lady who has never talked about her life. She came into the limelight as the second wife of Pat Morita, but besides that, she has led a quiet life, making it hard to know her career.

While Yukiye has not revealed her net worth, her ex-husband was estimated around $5 million at the time of his death. Pat Morita was a famed actor who featured in best-performing films, making him one of the wealthy actors.

Yukiye Kitahara Children

Yukiye Kitahara is a proud mother to two daughters. Tia and Aly Morita are Yukiya’s daughters, and they have emulated their mother in leading a life away from the public eye. The two daughters are older now and are doing different careers.

Tia works as a researcher, a career that is far from his father’s career, but she loves doing it. On the other hand, Aly is a writer, and she has written various short stories and novels, making her career somehow close to her father’s.

Unlike Tia, whose media presence is unfelt, Aly is vocal, appearing on the media a few times. She was in the press once when she demanded people stop watching the 2010 Jackie Chan’s Karate Kid. The celebrity daughter believed that the film was stereotyping Asian Americans.

Who is Pat Morita?

Pat Morita is a late actor who came into the limelight for his role in the Karate Kid. Pat Morita was married to Yukiye, but they ended their marriage after nineteen years. It seems they were not meant to be by each other’s side forever, but at least their relationship resulted in two beautiful ladies.

Pat Morita died on November 24, 2005, at 73 years, but the family has never revealed the reasons for his death. However, some reports indicate that heart and kidney failures may have resulted in the early death of the famous actor.

The cause of death of the actor remains a misery because his daughter Aly blamed heart failure while the actor’s manager blamed kidney failure. Yukiye’s ex-husband was an alcoholic, and it is a problem he endured since his childhood.

The actor started drinking at 12 years old, and it resulted in more financial and life problems. As a result of the issue, he was unemployed at one point and even lost his marriage. The actor was married three times. His first marriage was to Yamachi, and they had one daughter, Erin Morita. At his death, he was married to actress Evelyn Guerrero, although they did not have children.