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Felice Sampson Biography and life history

Felice Sampson

Felice Sampson is the wife of American gospel singer John P. Kee. The two married in 1995 and have been together since; it is unclear how they met, but it’s probably through the church. Felice and John are parents to nine children, including Chris Kee, a drummer who happened to drum in Diddy’s 2010 tour, Last Train to Paris.

What does Felice do to Earn a Living?

Felice Sampson prefers to live a private life and dislikes being in the spotlight. Her name has only surfaced due to her relationship with the hall of famer John Kee. It is unclear what she does to earn a living, but she has supported her husband’s career and ministerial work. Besides, she does not need to work because her husband provides everything the family needs.

Her Husband was Into Drugs

When Felice’s husband was young, he was exposed to drugs; he lived in a neighbourhood which was rampant with violence and drug use. Due to his interaction with the locals, he found himself using drugs. He only changed his ways and turned to God when he saw one of his friends die due to violence and drug use.

Her Husband’s Music Career

Felice’s husband has loved music since he was a young kid; he was talented vocally and instrumentally. As a teen, John played with various music groups, including Blackbyrds, Donald Byrd and Cameo. In the 1980s, Kee dedicated his life to God and started the New Life Community Choir in Charlotte. Though the choir began with a few members, it grew in popularity with more members joining it.

The New Life Community Choir recorded and released several songs that inspired the surrounding community.

How Did Felice’s Husband Become a Minister?

Growing up, John P. Kee was dedicated to singing for God, but then, when he was a teen, he started involving himself with drugs and violence. The neighbourhood Felice’s husband was living in was characterized by violence, and John thought that was the only way to live in the area. One day, his friend was killed, and this made him think twice, and he devoted his life to Christ.

In his 20s, having started a choir, Kee received a calling to become a pastor, and he never backed down afterwards. At the time he was 25, he was already an ordained minister. Kee is still doing good work as he impacts the lives of various people in his hometown.

Her Children are active in Church activities.

Felice Sampson’s children decided to follow in their father’s footsteps and dedicated their lives to God. When they came of age, they joined their father’s music group and have been actively engaged in church activities. Some of his kids might someday be pastors or singers, just like their father.

Felice Sampson’s Whereabouts

Felice has lived a reserved life but has been in the background supporting her husband in his ministerial work. She resides with her husband and children in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is helping her husband with his clerical work.