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Get to Know Jonjelyn Savage, Joycelyn Savage’s Mother

Jonjelyn Savage

Jonjelyn Savage is the mother of Joycelyn Savage, an aspiring singer, and R Kelly’s partner. Joycelyn dated the American singer for a long time even though her parents were against her relationship with him. Jonjelyn is a married woman and a mother to three beautiful girls. Her background and birth details are unknown, but she is probably in her 50s.

Personal Life

Jonjelyn met the love of her life, Tim Savage, in the 1990s; after dating for some time, the two lovebirds decided to exchange their wedding vows in the presence of their family and friends. The couple, who have been together for about 30 years, has been doing well as they support each other in their endeavors.

Jonjelyn and her husband are parents to three beautiful daughters, Joycelyn, Jori, and Jailyn. They love their daughters and will do anything for them to ensure they lead comfortable lives.

Losing Her Daughter to R Kelly

Jonjelyn was aware of R Kelly’s behavior and scandalous past and did not want her daughter to get involved with him, but things did not work as she expected as her daughter fell for the singer. Jonjelyn had moved with her family from Memphis, Tennessee, to Atlanta, Georgia, to help her daughter Joycelyn, an aspiring singer, establish herself in the music industry.

While in Atlanta, Georgia, R Kelly and his team approached Joycelyn to help in her music endeavors. After working with Kelly for a while, he allegedly presented a record deal to Joycelyn, but it was never signed. Jonjelyn and her husband saw it fit to enroll their daughter in a college to study liberal arts. Initially, R Kelly and Joycelyn’s meetings were supervised, but after she left college, they kept in touch. R Kelly even rented a room close to where Jonjelyn’s daughter studied.

Upon her close interactions with Kelly, Joycelyn started having feelings for him and later dropped out of school. Her parents tried to talk to her to reconsider her “love” for Kelly, but their pleas were ignored.

Professional Life

Jonjelyn owned a business but then had to close it down due to personal issues involving losing her daughter to R Kelly. Given her life experiences, Jonjelyn is an advocate for domestic violence victims, an activist for social change, and a host for a podcast called It’s Nothing But The Truth.

Besides, according to her Instagram bio, Jonjelyn is an author, a mental health advocate, a motivational speaker, and an activist against human trafficking.

What Does Her Husband Do?

Jonjelyn Savage’s husband is a car dealer and a motivational speaker. Losing his daughter to R Kelly made him look at life from a different perspective, and he has been doing this through his motivational conversations. Jonjelyn and her husband are trying everything to get their daughter back, who they believe has been brainwashed.

Social Media

Jonjelyn is active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, with a considerable following of over 20k followers. She likes posting pictures of herself, motivational quotes, and messages of hope. Jonjelyn Savage is also on Facebook.