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A Close Reading of Ford Motor’s Mission Statement

In the past decade, Ford Motor Company has been experiencing a decline in sales. This decline is due to their inability to keep up with more innovative competitors and an unwillingness to shift their product line for a more modern audience.

Ford Motor Company has had a long history in the automotive industry. What it means to be an “American original” is ingrained deep within its culture and its mission statement. However, as times have changed, so too has the company’s direction and focus on sustainability efforts rather than innovation.

This close reading of Ford’s mission statement offers insight into how deeply rooted American values are in the company’s identity and why it has been stagnating over time.

How does Ford’s mission statement stack up to other organizations?

Ford’s mission statement is “to provide the best possible driving experience for our customers,” but what does it mean for other organizations?

While this mission statement seems to be very narrow in its scope when compared to other organizations, Ford’s focus is on their customers and providing them with a fulfilling driving experience.

What to Look for in the Ford Motor Company Mission Statement

The Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. The company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903.

Ford’s vision is to be a profitable and successful global automotive enterprise with the goal of providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions that provide new choices for mobility around the world.

Ford Motor Company Vision, Values, and Objectives

Ford Motor Company’s vision statement is ‘To be the world’s most trusted company by delivering exceptional products, services, and solutions.’

Their values are Quality, Efficiency, Responsibility and Teamwork. And their objectives are to provide a customer-focused experience, offer a complete product line in every segment of the automotive industry for global customers and continue to grow our business worldwide.

Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. The company has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of cars and trucks in the world. They employ over 200,000 staff all around the globe. In 2017 they had revenue totaling $156 billion UDS with net income of $7.6 billion USD.

Ford Motor’s Role in Society and Customers

Ford Motor Company is a multinational group that designs, manufactures, and sells vehicles. They have been making cars since 1903.

Ford Motor Company has been an influential force in society since its founding in 1903. The company may seem to be just another car manufacturer but it has made significant contributions to the advancement of society through the provision of affordable transportation and development of innovative technologies that promote fuel efficiency.

A great example of this was when Ford introduced the first mass-produced automobile in 1908, which allowed for new travel opportunities and for many more people to be able to afford them, thus spurring economic growth. This same innovation also gave people increased freedom by allowing them the ability to travel further distances than they were able without a vehicle.

Conclusion: The Value of a Strongly Defined Corporate Mission

Corporate mission statements are important because they set the tone for what a company stands for. It shapes the company culture and helps identify their purpose.

The main goal of a corporation is to maximize profit, but they also want to do it in an ethical way. They need to be profitable in order to survive, yet they also want to make sure that the customers and employees are happy.