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George Floyd Net Worth: How Wealthy Is George Floyd ?

George Floyd Net Worth

George Floyd is an American former professional footballer, who played for the country as a defensive back and had a successful career. Apart from gaining huge professional success, he has also managed to accumulate a jaw-dropping net worth. If you wonder how much it is, let us tell you everything in detail about the net worth of George Floyd.

In this article, we will discuss the total earnings, different earning streams, personal assets, expenditures, and all other information about the financial timeline of George Floyd. In addition to that, we will also briefly focus on the personal life of George Floyd.

Net worth of George Floyd

Today, George Floyd is 62 years old and he has already retired from the game years ago. Despite this fact, the gaming legend is estimated to have a giant net worth of around 5 million dollars right now. He made the majority of this net worth during his young age when he used to play football for the country.

Main source of earnings

Needless to mention the main source of earnings of George Floyd is, of course, his gaming career. As a footballer, he has gained significant success, which not only helped him to earn a name and fame in the world but also huge money. A major chunk of his earnings came from his football career only.

Additional earning streams

After his retirement, George Floyd started working as a coach and he is probably active as a coach even today.  Given the fact, he has a different other income stream and earns good money through it. After knowing the fact, it does not come as a surprise how George Floyd has managed to hold such a great net worth at the age of 62 even though he retired from the games 2-3 decades ago.

Fortune, asset, and endorsement

Considering the fact that George Floyd is the proud owner of 5 million today, we are pretty sure that he must have a variety of personal assets in the form of houses, cars, and properties as well. However, George Floyd himself has not revealed any information regarding the same. In addition to that, there is also no information available about his endorsements and sponsorships.

George Floyd’s expenditure on charity

It’s not just about the accumulation of personal assets that George Floyd has kept a secret but he never reveals any information about his expenditure as well. Given this fact, you are unlikely to get any information about his charity and humanitarian works.

Personal life of George Floyd 

George Floyd was born in 1960 in Florida USA and the names of his parents are not known. As for his love life, he is a married man today and the name of his wife is Cheryl Johnson. Whether or not they have any kids is not confirmed.


George Floyd holds a successful football career. After that, he started his second inning as a coach and is getting success in that as well. Both of these careers helped him to earn a giant net worth of around $5 million.