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Gillie Da Kid Net Worth : How Wealthy Is Gillie Da Kid ?

Gillie Da Kid Net Worth

Gillie Da Kid is a famous 39-year-old American rapper, who was originally named Nasir Fard. In addition to being a rapper, Gillie Da Kid is also active in different other professions. He changed his name when he became a rapper and achieved great success in his professional career. This is the reason that he managed to accumulate a giant amount of net worth.

Today, here we will discuss all the details about the net worth of Gillie Da Kid, his earnings, expenditures, fortunes, assets, and the sources of earnings. At last, we will also tell you a brief information about his personal life.

Net worth of Gillie Da Kid

Considering the fact that Gillie Da Kid is a successful American rapper and is active in other professions as well, you can assume how much net worth he would have made so far. To put a break to your assumptions, let us tell you that Gillie Da Kid is the proud owner of around 5 million dollars right now. He is only 39 years old today, so we can expect his net worth to rise in the future considering his professional success.

Main source of earnings

Of course, the main source of earnings of Gillie Da Kid is his rapping career. Though he is active in other professions as well, he majorly achieved success and fame for being a rapper. So far, he has given many hit songs, which have not only made him famous but also helped him churn out huge amounts of money.

Additional income streams

Gillie Da Kid is a multi-talented person and is active as an actor, film producer, and podcast host, other than being a rapper. Given the fact, he earns money from different sources and this is the reason that he has managed to accumulate such huge net worth at the young age of only 39.

Fortune and assets 

Here, you are unlikely to get any confirmed information because Gillie Da Kid has kept the details related to his fortune and assets to himself only.

Gillie Da Kid’s expenditure on charity 

If you talk about the charity and humanitarian works of Gillie Da Kid, we believe that he is not active in this field yet because no information is available related to this. Plus, Gillie Da Kid also never makes any statements on these topics.

Personal life of Gillie Da Kid 

Gillie Da Kid was born on 1st January 1984 as the son of African-American parents, whose names are not known. As for his love life, Gillie Da Kid is a happily married man today. He married Regina Little, a makeup artist, in 1998. Today, they are living happily with their five kids.


Being active in different professions and achieving success in almost all of them is not a small thing but Gillie Da Kid has managed to accomplish this successfully. Gillie Da Kid is truly a versatile man. No doubt how he has managed to earn this much money at such a young age.