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Harley Davidson Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Harley Davidson Mission Statement is to build the future of motorcycling by living our dream, one person at a time.

The Harley Davidson mission statement is focused on building their dream and helping others build theirs. By living their dream, Harley Davidson creates a sense of pride for their customers and an emotional connection to the brand. They want to be able to give people the chance to follow their passion and find what they love.


“We will provide our customers with an experience that leaves them feeling like they are part of something bigger than themselves.”

The vision is that Harley Davidson wants customers to feel like they’re part of a community and not just a customer. They want them to feel like they’re part of the brand’s family which will create relationships with the

Harley Davidson: Believe in Freedom, Live in the Now and Work Like Hell to Make It Happen

Harley Davidson, which is one of the world’s most iconic brands and a cultural icon, is built around these three core values.

Harley Davidson was founded by Walter Davidson and William Harley in 1903. The two founders disagreed on the design of their bikes, but they had a shared vision of freedom and Americana.

In 1907, Arthur Davidson left the company to start his own motorcycle business. In 1917, Harley-Davidson Motor Company merged with Excelsior Motor Company to form “the largest motorcycle manufacturing company in the world.”

(Harley-Davidson). In 1985 Harley-Davidson had become a publicly traded company. In 2008 the recession resulted in significant declines in new motorcycle sales for Harley-Davidson

Who is the Founder of Harley Davidson?

The man who founded Harley Davidson, Arthur Davidson, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1878. He was the youngest of four children and his father was a German immigrant.

Arthur began working at the age of 14 for a company that sold bicycles. But he quickly became tired of this job and started making his own bicycle designs. He quit school when he was 16 years old to work full-time on his designs.

Arthur met William Harley shortly after he started designing bikes on his own and they teamed up to start their own business in 1903 called “Harley-Davidson Motor Company.” The company survived the Great Depression because they were not heavily invested in stocks like other companies. They also saved money by using 100% American-made materials instead of cheaper imports from Europe or Asia.

Conclusion: Harley Davidson’s Mission for Motorcycling Enthusiasts

Harley-Davidson has been in the business for over a century. They have seen an evolution of design, style, and technology in the last 100 years and continue to innovate and lead the way for motorcyclists.

This year, Harley Davidson proudly announced their new Mission: to “harvest the power of motorcycling enthusiasm and create a society of empowered riders who redefine their own reality.”

To do this, they are working on creating products that make motorcycling accessible – both financially and physically – to even more people. In support of this mission, they are also partnering with various charities around the world who share their values.