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How Does Discord Make Money

How Does Discord Make Money

Curious how Discord makes money? It lets users talk for free – but it’s not a charity! It still makes a tidy profit. We’ll show you how.

In this article, you’ll learn the ways Discord earns cash from its platform.

Introduction to Discord

Discord is an online communication platform. It’s like a modern-day IRC. It’s free and lightweight, used by 150 million people in 2019.

It has features to help people chat and socialize. Text and voice channels, game integration and screen sharing.

Developers can share their content with servers they make, with moderation tools.

But how does Discord make money? Let’s explore its business model.

Overview of Discord’s Business Model

Discord is a free VoIP platform used by millions of people worldwide. It was launched in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular communication tools. Although it’s free to use, there are premium features businesses can use to monetize. How does Discord make money?

Discord has two main sources of income: direct payments and advertising revenue. Many activities are not monetized, like text and voice conversations. But almost every other feature carries a cost for users or businesses.

The first source of income for Discord is direct user payments for premium services, known as “Nitro” memberships. These cost $9.99 per month and offer higher quality audio/video, more bandwidth and other perks.

The second way Discord makes money is through ads on their servers. Businesses can reach unlimited people without spending time or resources on marketing. They can also target ads with metrics like age and interests. This type of advertisement is free for users, unlike traditional strategies.

Discord’s Revenue Streams

Discord, an online gaming and communication platform, has boomed since its 2015 launch. According to their website, it now has over 140 million users.

Discord makes money through several streams. Firstly, there’s ‘Discord Nitro’, a customizable premium offering, which provides more customization options, larger file uploads, and better sound quality. Next, the company sells ‘Discord Store’ merchandise, like t-shirts and mugs. They also have recently added ads aimed at their user base.

In-app payments are also available. This allows users to purchase games or do microtransactions within some gaming communities. This hybrid model helps monetize gaming communities while still using Discord’s chat functionalities. Finally, Discord collaborates with event organizers and esports partners who use their software. These organizations pay royalties back into the business operations of the platform.

Advertisements on Discord

Discord, a chat and voice app, makes money through advertisements. Ads help support their services. They have over 250 million users and this ad exposure has taken them to the unicorn startup level. Ads are shown as banner ads, video ads, or native advertisement units.

They also offer paid premium features, like animated avatars, server boosts, and bigger file uploads. Another way they make money is through selling custom merchandise with popular game or community logos, like Overwatch and Minecraft.

Lastly, software development kits (SDK’s) are sold to game developers who want to add their own games to Discord channels, so players can form virtual online gaming communities.

Discord Nitro Subscriptions

Discord Nitro is an optional payment-based premium service. It gives special features, like custom emotes, animated avatars, and the ability to use any discord emoji from any server on your profile. You can also download games from the app for PC or mobile.

If you pay a lot each month, you can join the “HypeSquad” and get even more benefits. This includes exclusive games and offers.

There are two types of paid subscriptions. Standard costs $9.99/month or $99.99/year. It provides higher quality screen share experiences and global custom emotes. Nitro Classic costs $4.99/month or $49.99/year. It offers all of the same features as Standard, plus additional animated avatars and higher video resolutions in servers with 10 or more people.

These bonuses encourage people to pay extra money each month. This revenue is the main source of income for the platform.

Discord Merchandise

Discord has many items for sale. These include t-shirts, hats, mousepads, mugs and phone cases. Buying these items helps them financially. All profits go back into their business.

Also, they offer bundles of game content. These bundles include all the game content in one package. It makes it easier for customers to access all content at once. Bundling content is great for customers and also helps Discord financially. Users are more likely to buy multiple pieces of content when they are bundled.

Discord Partnerships

Discord earns money through partnerships. It teams up with game developers, streaming services and other companies to create custom servers for their products. Discord takes a cut of the earnings from these servers.

It also has its own Store, where users can buy virtual items. Through the store, users pay for exclusive content and better sound quality. All purchases go into Discord’s coffers, providing another source of income.

Summary and Conclusion

Discord makes money through two main sources: premium subscriptions and digital store sales. Premium subscribers get animated emojis, custom avatars, better audio, faster data, and they can save an unlimited number of messages. They can also buy games and in-game stuff from the store. All the money goes back into Discord.

It’s popular because of its UI, integrations, moderation tools, emotes, and bots. It’s adding video calling for friends, and streaming for gaming. This means it may make more money in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How Does Discord Make Money?

A: Discord makes money primarily through the sale of its Nitro subscription service. Nitro is a premium subscription service that offers users access to extra features such as animated avatars, larger file uploads, and the ability to use custom emojis across all of their Discord servers. Discord also makes money through the sale of games, merchandise, and other services.

Q: What Are The Benefits of Nitro?

A: Nitro subscribers get access to a variety of benefits, including custom emojis, larger file uploads, an animated avatar, and access to a growing library of games. Nitro also gives users access to exclusive server perks, such as custom server badges and the ability to use animated server icons.

Q: Is Nitro Free?

A: No, Nitro is not free. Nitro is a premium subscription service that requires a monthly fee.