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Johnson & Johnson Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Johnson & Johnson is a global Johnson & Johnson is a global pharmaceutical and consumer health care products company that was founded in 1886 and based in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

The company has major research and marketing operations in approximately 130 countries. J&J also has joint ventures around the world with leading healthcare companies including Abbott, Alcon, AstraZeneca, Bayer AG, Forest Laboratories Limited, GSK plc.,

The mission statement of Johnson & Johnson is: Our purpose is to help people and improve health and well-being.

It reads: The company’s purpose is to help people and improve health and well-being. It is a common misconception that the company only supports medical causes. In reality, the company supports causes such as environmental conservation as well as poverty alleviation.

Introduction: History and Founding of Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a multinational company that was founded in 1886 to provide healthcare products, including medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The company was ranked 131st on the 2018 Fortune 500 list.

Johnson & Johnson’s annual sales reached $62 billion in 2015, while operating income totalled $14.56 billion in the same year. In 2017 it generated total revenue of $78 billion and net income of $17.9 billion for a total shareholder return of 8% over the last five years, including dividends paid to shareholders during that time period.

Its shares were ranked as high as third largest on the NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges before their share prices declined after disappointing fourth quarter earnings reports in 2018 that prompted a downgrade by Moody’s Investor Service from Baa1.

How the Vision and Mission of Johnson & Johnson Affects their Customers

Johnson & Johnson, a consumer products company, has a vision and mission that is defined with values that guide their decisions. Their vision is to improve the health of a global community and a mission is to provide product solutions for better health outcomes.

This paper will explain how these values affect their customers in the form of how they view the company’s products.

Comparisons of Johnson & Johnson with Other Companies

This article will compare Johnson & Johnson with other companies.

Johnson & Johnson is a multinational corporation that has been in operation since 1886. They are the largest healthcare company in the world, and their products are available in over 180 countries.

Compare with:

Pfizer – U.S.-based pharmaceutical company that was founded in 1849 and has been operating globally since its inception

Novartis – A Swiss multinational pharmaceutical company

Fujifilm – Japan-based company known for its photography equipment, medical electronics, chemical engineering, textiles, computer systems, semiconductors, environmental technology

Microsoft – An American multinational technology corporation known for software development tools

Conclusion: Take the Johnson & Johnson Vision & Purpose to Reality by Using These Simple Strategies

In conclusion, it’s important to have a vision and have a clear purpose for what you do. These will keep your company going strong and help you stay consistent with your business strategy.

This article has discussed the need for business leaders to develop a vision and purpose statement that align well with their company’s overall mission.