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Larry Storch Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Larry Storch?

Larry Storch Net Worth

Larry Storch was an American actor who died in July 2022 at the age of 99 after having a successful professional career. The legendary actor has left behind a huge amount of net worth other than his never-dying legacy. Today, we are going to tell you everything in detail about the earnings and net worth of Larry Storch.

So, read the article below and find out the sources of earnings, personal fortunes, and much other information about the assets and expenditures of Larry Storch. Explore the article fully to find out basic information about his personal life as well.

Net worth of Larry Storch

When Larry Storch died in 2022, he was 99 years old. With this fact, you can assume that he was definitely not professionally active at that time. Still, the actor was said to have a huge net worth of around 1 million which stemmed from his different earning sources and professions. Who exactly inherited his net worth after his death is not known but we hope that his net worth must have been inherited by his kids.

Main source of earnings 

Larry Storch was primarily an actor and this was, of course, the major source of his earnings. In his successful acting career, he appeared in a variety of super-hit films and TV shows. His career was at its peak during the 1960s and 70s and he made a major chunk of his net worth during that time. However, he was active in the film industry till his 70’s 80’s.

Additional earning streams 

We have already told you that Larry Storch was mainly an actor but he was also active in different other professions related to acting like voice actor and stage actor. Also, he was a great comedian and achieved massive success as a comedian. Given the fact, Larry Storch also earned a decent amount of money through his side professions.

Assets and fortune 

No doubt Larry Storch was a famous and successful actor but he kept the details related to his personal assets like his houses, cars, and other fortune under wraps only. This is the reason that no information is available regarding the same.

Larry Storch’s expenditure on charity 

Larry Storch was a true humanitarian person and was involved in many charity works. Particularly, he used to advocate for animal welfare and supported organizations like ASPCA. Given this fact, he must have spent good money on charity work.

Personal life of Larry Storch

Larry Storch was born in January 1923 in a middle-class family to Alfred Storch, a cab driver, and Sally Kupperman Storch, a jewelry store owner. Speaking of his personal life, Larry Storch was married to American actress Norma Catherine Greve. They remained together from 1961 until her death in 2003 and had one daughter together. Larry Storch died almost 20 years later than his wife in July 2022.


As an actor and a comedian, Larry Storch achieved great professional success and made a huge amount of money. No doubt his life was full of luxury and comfort.