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Lynne Moody Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Lynne Moody?

Lynne Moody

Lynne Moody is a famous American film actress who boasts a successful and thriving acting career. Not just success and name but the beautiful actress has earned a huge amount of net worth as well in her lifetime. If you are interested to know about her net worth and earnings, read the article below where we are going to discuss it in detail.

Here, you will get to know about the total earnings of Lynne Moody, her different sources of earnings, personal assets, and also her expenditure on charity. Briefly, we will talk about the personal life of Lynne Moody as well.

Net worth of Lynne Moody 

Today Lynne Moody is 77 years old and she has a successful film career. With this fact, you can assume how much money she would have earned and accumulated in her life. Okay, let us tell you clearly that Lynne Moody has a huge net worth of around 5 million right now. Since she is already almost retired from her professional career, we don’t expect her net worth to rise in the future. We must say having such a huge net worth when you are not professionally active is really a big thing.

Main source of earning

With the fact that Lynne Moody has been an actress throughout her professional career, the main source of her earnings is her film career. She has majorly churned out a big chunk of her net worth through her film career. During her young age, she was quite successful and this is when she made most of her money.

Additional income streams

Lynne Moody does not have any such additional income streams because she has been mainly active as an actress. She appeared in TV shows as well as films but only as an actress. Given the fact, she has only one source of earnings and it is obviously her film career.

Assets, fortune, and endorsements 

At the moment, Lynne Moody remains completely away from the spotlight of the media. This is the reason nothing much information is available about her personal life including her property, assets, and fortune. If you talk about endorsements, she definitely did a bunch of endorsements during her young age but she is not active at the moment.

Lynne Moody’s expenditure on charity 

Here again, finding any confirmed information about the charity and philanthropic works of Lynne Moody is not possible because she has never let her personal life details come out in public.

Personal life of Lynne Moody 

Lynne Moody was born in 1946 in the USA to a social worker mother and a doctor father. If we talk about the love life of Lynne Moody, she never married in her life. However, she had one daughter but she did not raise her. She gave her up for adoption and accepted her as her daughter almost 40 years later.


At the age of 77, Lynne Moody is the proud owner of a giant 5 million dollars. We hope her daughter will inherit this money after her.