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Leo Perino Profession, Net Worth, Family, & More

Leo Perino

Leo Perino is the father of Dana Perino, a former White House Press Secretary . Let’s read further about Leo, his family, Dana and more.

About Leo

Leo Perino was born on 16 April 1943 in the USA. He was a salesperson. He has two daughters named Angie Perino and Dana Perino. He married Jana Perino. He used to love Dana very much.

Dana Perino

Dana Perino was born on 9 May, 1972 in Evanston, Wyoming. She was brought up in Denver, Colorado. Her great-grandparents were Italian. She attended Ponderosa High School in Parker, Denver. She graduated from the University of Colorado State, Pueblo with a degree in mass communications and minor in political science and Spanish. She took a master’s degree in public affairs from the University of Illinois, Springfield. She met Peter McMohan in 1997 and then both married in 1998. She first worked at WCIA, a CBS affiliate, a daily reporter covering Illinois Capital. Then she worked for Congressman Scott Mclnnis. Then she moved to Great Britain with her husband and later in 2001, she returned and secured a position of spokesperson for the Department of Justice of the USA. Then she joined White House as an associate director of  communications for the Council on Environment Equality. She joined the White House two months after the 9/11 attacks. She served as deputy press secretary from 2005 to 2007. Then after the retirement of Tony Snow, George W. Bush appointed her as the Press Secretary to the White House. She served as the Press Secretary for the term of two years. After retirement currently she is a political commentator on Fox News.


  • In May 2012, Perino appeared on an American Television Game Jeopardy!
  • She had a Vizsla dog named Jasper who died in 2021 and then they adopted another Vizsla named Percy.
  • In August 2023, she announced she is going to host a new podcast named Perino on Politics ahead of the 2024 Presidential Elections.
  • She is the first ever female Press Secretary to the White House.
  • She is also a co-host in the show “The Five”.
  • She is also an author.
  • She has written a bestseller named “And the Good News Is….”, “Everything will be Okay”, and “Let Me Tell You about Jasper… How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog”.
  • She is also an entrepreneur.
  • She has founded a Resolute Strategy, a strategic communications firm which helps clients  to navigate complex challenges and effectively convey their messages.
  • She is highly active on social media and has a huge number of followers on social networking sites.
  • She is an articulate speaker and has control over her words and mind.
  • She has always advocated her support for veterans and military personnel.
  • She is a philanthropist and has worked for various charity events.
  • She has worked with various organizations like Companion for Heroes, a NGO for rescuing animals with veterans suffering from physiological trauma.
  • When an Iraqi journalist threw shoes at Bush, he dodged it but Perino got hurted due to a stand of microphone on the table.


Leo Perino is a proud father of Dana Perino who was the press secretary to the President of the USA. Her father has supported her in every aspect of her life and has a huge role in her success.