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Successful Life Of Tere Carrubba So Far

Tere Carrubba

Tere Carrubba is the daughter of the English Actress Patricia Hitchcock O’Connelli.  Let’s read further about this celebrity kid and her life, his father and more.

About Tere Carrubba

Tere Carrubba was born on 2 July 1954 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Her other name is Teresa. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. She is also the granddaughter of English film director and scriptwriter Alfred Hitchcock and Screenwriter Alma Reville. She has two siblings. Her father was a businessman and Racehorse owner, his name was Joseph O’Connel. She has appeared in two Hitchcock’s documentaries, named E! True Hollywood Story: Alfred Hitchcock in 1999 and Hitchcocks on Hitch in 2004. She is married to Paul Carrubba.

About Patricia and Joseph

Patricia was born on 7 July 1928 in London, England. She attended Marymount High School in Los Angeles. She graduated from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. She has small roles in his father’s movies and got a breakthrough in the movie Strangers on a Train in 1951. She married Boston Businessman Joseph O’ Connell on 17 January 1952. They together had three daughters named Tere, Mary and Kathleen. Unfortunately her husband died in 1994. She also worked in various television series like Life with Father and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Unfortunately, she also died on 9 August 2021 at her home in Thousand Oaks, California due to natural causes. Her daughter after her death stated that she had very well followed the legacy of her grandparents.

About Alfred and Alma

Alfred was born on 13 August 1899 in Leytonstone, London, United Kingdom. He attended the St. Ignatius College. Later got a major from London County Council’s School of Marine Engineering and Navigation. He married English Screenwriter Alma Reville on 2 December 1928 in South Kensington. Alfred was a Catholic. His well known movies were The Jazz Singer and Blackmail. Hitchcock moved to Hollywood after Alfred signed a Selznick contract of seven years for writing scripts.  His famous movies in Hollywood were M dial for Murder, The Man who knew too much, The Psycho, North by Northwest etc,. According to some scholars he used to portray men as a protagonist and women as a person who is caged in a costume or a dress. In every, Hictchcock’s movie women were humiliated. He made the films silent and later he made the movies which were sound. His other notable silent movies were Number 13,  Always tell your Wife, and The Lodger: A Story of a London Flag. Unfortunately, he died on 29 April 1980 in Essex, England.

Facts and Achievements

  • Tere Carrubba’s net worth is approximately $5 Million.
  • Alfred Hitchcock was a copywriter and editor before entering into the world of films in 1919.
  • Being a producer, director and scriptwriter, he also was an actor in the movies.
  • Alfred received the AFI Life Achievement Award in 1979.
  • He was awarded the Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1972.
  • Alfred’s films got 46 Grammy nominations.
  • He was awarded the Jussi Award for Best Foreign Filmmaker in 1984.
  • Alfred Hitchcock had a net worth of $200 Million at the time of his death.


Tere Carrubba is a proud celebrity and a rich businessman’s kid. Though she didn’t have that much interest in films.  Just like her mother she had followed the legacy of her family and had lived a successful and a proud life.