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Nobuko Moore Social Media Presence, Family, & More

Nobuko Moore

Nobuko Moore is no one other than the stepmother of the American Actor Shemar Moore. Let’s read further about this celebrity mother, her social media presence, about her family and more.

Social Media Presence

She is actively present on social media. She lives in Las Vegas, the United States of America. By looking at her instagram, it seems like she is a multicultural educator. She knows about the various cultures in the world and she wants to spread the meaning of various cultures globally. It seems like she loves kids the most. She also loves nature very much and has from time to time posted the scenery of nature on instagram.She also has a fondness for foods. She is also on facebook. She has not posted very much on facebook and not very much active on that handle.

Her Children

Nobuko married Sherrod Moore. She has four children with her husband Sherrod Moore.

Shenon Moore was the child of Nobuko and Sherrod. He was born in 1990 in Japan. He is an athlete and currently serving in the US Air Force. He is the step brother of Actor Shemar Moore. He attended Kapolei High School. He studied at National Academy of Sports Medicine. He later joined the Nevada School of Massage Therapy to pursue as a fitness trainer.

Romeo Moore is the son of Nobuko and Sherrod. He was interested in singing and rapping. He has great ability in singing and has somewhat contributed to the music industry. Though not much is known about his life. He has written songs and produced music. Currently, he is a well known artist in Hollywood and rapping.

Kosheno Moore is the daughter of Nobuko and Sherrod. She was born on 25 April 1982 in Japan. She graduated from Whitworth University with a major in Computer Science. Then she did her masters from the California State University-East Bay. Currently, she works as the Inclusion Strategist. Her sexuality is queer. She stays in Hayward, California with her daughter Amia.

Sheburra Moore is the other daughter of Nobuko and Sherrod. She was born on 14 September 1983 in Japan. She attended Whitworth University and obtained a degree in elementary education and teaching. Then she did masters from the University of Phoenix. She did Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Grand Canyon. Currently, she is teaching at Clark County District School as a pre algebra teacher. She is married to Benjamin Haugness and they together have two children.

Her Step-son

Shemar was born on 2 April 1970 in Oakland, California, the USA. He is the son of Sherrod and Marilyn. He has attended Santa Clara University. He also attended Gunn High School in Palo Alto. He also is a good pitcher in baseball. His notable series are The Young and Restless, Living Single and S.W.A.T. His well known movies are Hav Plenty and Butter. He has dated many girls and is currently dating Jesiree Dizon and they together have a daughter named Frankie. He launched a retail clothing company Baby Girl LLC whose profits were used to treat Moore’s mother.


Nobuko was the step mother of Shemar and did not have a hand in his success. Beside being a stepmother, she was mother of four and she is proud about them as well as Shemar. She loved all of his children equally and everyone was close to her.