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Meet Elle King’s Stepfather, Justin Tesa

Meet Elle King's Stepfather, Justin Tesa

Justin Tesa is the husband of London King, Elle King’s mother. Elle King is an American singer and songwriter known for her hit song America’s Sweetheart, among other songs. Justin Tesa is known for his various contributions to the entertainment industry. However, little is known about his childhood, and it is hard to tell his exact age.


Justin Tesa is not just known as Elle King’s stepfather but also a successful businessman. He owns a printing services company in New York; his organization, Crown Print Nyc, has been crucial in Elle King’s music career. It has been used to print posters, t-shirts and other creative stuff for Elle King’s brand.

Through his business in New York, Justin Tesa has been able to support his family and participate in various charitable activities.

His Marriage to London King

Justin Tesa and London King met in the late 1990s after London had moved to Ohio following the end of her marriage with Rob Schneider. After their paths crossed, the two became friends, and their friendship became something else after some time. They started connecting, which eventually led to their marriage in 2000. At the time, London had two children, Elle and Noah King; Justin Tesa assumed the fatherly roles for the two, and he was good at it.

Justin Tesa has been with London King for over two decades, and his love for her grows daily. He often accompanies her to essential events, including charitable causes.

Justin Tesa’s Relationship With His Step-Children

Justin Tesa has had a great relationship with Noah and Elle King; he filled the shoes their fathers left and has been significant to them. The first time Justin met London King, her children were young, and Justin did well as their stepfather. Besides, he has been very influential in Elle King’s music career.

London King’s Career

Justin Tesa’s acting career started in the 1980s, and she was involved in several shows. After several years in the acting industry, London King ventured into something else, becoming a Doula in 2003. She was committed to ensuring that she provided support to women after childbirth, during pregnancy and the postpartum period. London even started a website to share important information about delivery and other essential pregnancy-related services.

Justin Tesa’s Impact on Elle King’s Music Career

Justin Tesa has been supportive of Elle King’s ambitions; when Elle showed interest in music, Justin provided her with everything she needed to start her music career. He even bought her a guitar and helped her learn how to play it. Besides, Crown Print Nyc has been printing Elle King’s posters, ensuring her brand is excellent and appealing to their fans.

Through her stepfather’s continued support, Elle King has grown to become one of the best musicians in the United States. You can find most of her music on YouTube, where she has released over ninety music videos with over 400 million views. Some of her songs include Can’t Be Loved, Lucky, The Let Go and Come Get Your Wife.