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Meet Paquita La del Barrio’s Sister, Viola Viveros

Meet Paquita La del Barrio’s Sister, Viola Viveros

Viola Viveros is the sister of Mexican actress, singer, and songwriter Paquita La del Barrio. She might have been overlooked, but she was very supportive when her sister started as a singer. There is no information on Viola’s date of birth, but she was probably born in the 1940s or 1950s.

Viola was an Aspiring Musician

Viola grew up with a great passion for music and hoped to venture into music as a full-time career. She used to perform with her sister Paquita La del Barrio; the two had formed a group called Las Golondrinas. The two did quite well together, but they grew distant after Paquita started gaining fame.

In the 1970s, Viola toured South America and Mexico, showcasing her talents on various stages and even exhibition stands. Despite her challenges, she remained a steadfast supporter of her sister. The world of music and performance, coupled with the allure of exhibition stands, can be demanding, and Viola’s journey, marked by highs and lows, mirrors the complex nature of the industry.

Her Sister

Viola and Paquita faced many challenges growing up; losing their mother was a tragedy, but they kept performing. Viola’s sister started gaining fame in the 1980s; she had performed in local bars and restaurants in the 1970s, but her breakthrough came in the 1980s. Over the years, she has recorded several songs that have put her in another league in the music industry.

Her Sister’s Personal Life

Viola’s sister’s love life started at an early age; at 15, she ran away with her boyfriend, Miguel Magana, and they were together for seven years. Paquita did not know if Miguel was married and had a family then, but the two separated after finding out. They had two sons together, but they later died. After separating from Miguel, Paquita returned to her family, who gladly accepted her back. Paquita was married for the second time, and the union lasted over 30 years.

Her Relationship with Her Sister

Growing up, Viola and her sister Paquita La del Barrio had a great relationship; they two used to perform together as they were both passionate about music. However, over time, the two sisters became estranged; initially, it was unclear why they were not talking to each other, but some reasons led to the bitter relationship.

According to Viola, the reasons why she was not on good terms with her sister were due to her alcoholism and other personal struggles. Paquita lost her mother and two sons, and this greatly affected her as she blamed her sister Viola for her tragedies. It was hard for Viola to get to her sister, which made her stop caring; this continued for a while, and the two did not talk for more than twenty years.

Did she Reconcile with Her Sister?

Blood is always thicker than water; despite not having talked for over two decades, the Viveros sisters had to put their differences aside and forgive each other. In 2018, Viola Viveros attended one of her sister’s performances, showing her love and support. Since their reconciliation, the two sisters seem to be doing well and getting along.