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Who was Samuel Nowlin Reeves?

Who was Samuel Nowlin Reeves?

Samuel Nowlin Reeves was the paternal grandfather of Canadian actor Keanu Reeves. Keanu is known for appearing in critically acclaimed television shows and films like The Matrix and John Wick. Samuel Nowlin Reeves was born in 1921 in the United States of America.

Personal Life

Samuel Nowlin Reeves was married to Sarah Momilani Victor; it is unclear when they got married, but they were together until Samuel died in 1978. Samuel and his wife were parents to three children: Victor Kauluwehionalani Reeves, Gill Moler Reeves, and Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr.

His Son Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr.

Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr is known as the father who abandoned his son Keanu Reeves. At Keanu’s birth, Samuel was just 22 years old. He was in love, so the first thing he thought of was getting married to Patricia. The couple was together for a while and welcomed their second child, Kim.

When Keanu was three years old, his father, Samuel’s son, abandoned them. He moved on with his life as he married another woman. Growing up, Keanu never spoke or met his father; he did not know much about him. It was such a shameless act for Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr, as he abandoned his son.

Later in his life, after Keanu had made it in the entertainment industry, he tried to reach him, but all his calls were unanswered. Keanu did not care what his father had to say; all he remembered was a father who abandoned a 3-year-old who needed her father’s love. Samuel Sr’s son died in 2018, aged 75; Keanu did not attend the funeral.

Samuel’s Grandson as an Actor

Samuel Nowlin Reeves’s grandson began acting in the early 1980s, debuting in the television series Hangin’ In. After his debut, Keanu Reeves started landing various acting roles. In 1985, Samuel’s grandson appeared in Romeo and Juliet in a North York, Ontario theatre.

Over the years, Samuel’s grandson has appeared in high-profile television shows and films, including The Watcher, The Matrix, and its sequels. Besides, Keanu appeared in the John Wick franchise and was paid quite well for his performance. Samuel Nowlin Reeves’s grandson is still active in the acting industry, and hopefully, we will continue seeing him grace the screen.

Keanu Reeves’s Philanthropic Causes

Samuel Nowlin Reeves’s grandson has been contributing immensely towards various charitable causes. Keanu Reeves saw it fit to positively impact society since he has made a lot of money through his acting career. After his sister was diagnosed with leukemia, he started a cancer foundation to help underprivileged children suffering from cancer.

Samuel’s grandson has contributed over 100 million dollars to various charitable causes. He has not relented, as he keeps donating while positively impacting society.

What is the Net Worth of Samuel’s Grandson

Keanu Reeves has been in the entertainment industry for over thirty years; throughout this time, he has appeared in various television shows and films. Some films and television shows he has appeared in, such as John Wick, have been high-paying and have contributed significantly to his overall net worth. Samuel’s grandson’s net worth is about 380 million dollars.