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Nancy Zimbalist Family Tree, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Nancy Zimbalist

Nancy Zimbalist is the daughter of American Actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr and Step Sister of American Actress Stephanie Zimbalist. Let’s read further about Nancy, her father, her siblings and more.

About Nancy

Nancy was born on 9 September 1944 in Manhattan, New York, the USA. She is the daughter of Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Emily Munroe Zimbalist. She was brought up in California, the USA. She pursued her career in journalism.She has two siblings. Unfortunately, due to battling with cancer she died on 17 November 2012 in Palm Springs, Riverside, California, the United States. She was buried at Town Hall Cemetery.

Efrem Zembelist

Efrem was born on 30 November 1919 in New York, the United States. His parents were Jewish immigrants. He was the son of Efram Zimbalist Senior and Alma Gluck. His father was a Russian Violinist who used to play at concerts. Beside being a violinist, he was a composer, director, and conductor of Curtis Institute of Music. His mother was a lyric soprano. He attended Fay School in Southborough, Massachusetts. Further he attended St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire where he used to take part in school plays. He attended Yale University but was expelled twice.

He made his career debut in The Rugged Path. Besides acting, he was a producer too. His best known movies as a producer are Favela Rising, the Two Escobars and Pele: the Birth Of a Legend.

He married Emily Munroe Zimbalist in December 1941 and they together had two children named Nancy and Efrem Zimbalist III. Unfortunately, Emily died from cancer in 1950. Then he married Loranda Stephanie Spalding in 1956. They together had a girl named Stephanie Zimbalist who is an actress in hollywood. Unfortunately, Loranda died on 5 February 2007 due to lung cancer. Zimbalist also died in 2014 in Solvang, California, the United States.

Achievements and Awards

  • Efrem won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Star of the Year for Too Much, Too Soon in 1959.
  • He was honored with the Military’s Bronze Star Medal.
  • He was honored with the Military’s Purple Heart.
  • He was honored with the Military’s Combat Infantryman Badge.
  • He was a nominee for the Primetime Emmy Awards for his role in the movie “A Family Upside Down”.
  • He was a nominee for the Primetime Emmy Awards for his role in the movie 77 Sunset Trap.
  • He was nominated for Golden Globe Awards for his movies The F.B.I., Wait Until Dark, and Home Before Dark.
  • He was honored with the Walk of Fame in 1994.
  • He was the Laurel Award nominee for Top New Male Personality in 1958.


  • He had a love for aviation and wanted to become a pilot.
  • He had worked with famous Director and Scriptwriter Alfred Hitchcock.
  • He gave his voice to the character of Dr. Octopus in the movie “Spider-Man”.
  • His career spanned for more than six decades.
  • He appeared in the video game “The Gabriel Knight:Sins of the Father” in 1993 and “Batman: Vengeance” in 2001.
  • He used to play roles in theatrical dramas.


Nancy was a proud celebrity kid of Zembalist’s and had a family which was full of artists and actors but she didn’t follow the family legacy and lived a normal life.