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Andy Olyphant Profession, Net Worth, & More

Andy Olyphant

Andy Olyphant is a well-known American A&R executive, he is also famous for being the brother of Timothy Olyphant and Matt Olyphant. Read further to know a little more about this famous celebrity sibling and discover what makes him so famous.

Personal Life

Andy Olyphant was born to Katherine Olyphant and John Vernon Bevan Olyphant in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father, John Vernon Bevan Olyphant worked as the vice president of production at a famous winery named E and J Gallo Winery.  He is the first of three brothers, he has two younger brothers, Timothy Olyphant and Matt Olyphant. Andy is of Russian-Jewish, Scottish, German, Irish, Dutch and English line of descent.

For a small part of his childhood, Andy and his family lived in Honolulu before relocating to Modesto, California. Later, when Andy was in his teens, his parents divorced and remarried.  Andy completed his education at the University of Southern California


Andy’s younger brothers, Timothy and Matt Olyphant are well-distinguished individuals in their own respective fields. His younger brother, Timothy Olyphant, is a well-established Hollywood actor; his youngest brother, Matt, is a singer and artist.

Andy comes from a very reputable family, his ancestors were the Vanderbilt Family. His great-grandparents were socialites and prominent businessmen of their time.


Andy Olyphant is currently the owner and manager of AO Entertainment LLC in Los Angeles, United States of America. The entertainment company aims to work towards representing artists and their talents.

His brother Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant is a well-known face in the acting industry. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and his older brother is Andy Olyphant. He is best known for depicting villain roles.

Timothy finished his schooling at Fred C. Beyer High School and went on to pursue further education at the University of Southern California. In 1991, he married his college sweetheart Alexis Knief and the couple share three children together.

Before Timothy could venture into acting, he had a career as a swimming coach and a standup comedian.  He then began his acting career in 1995, by featuring in an Off Broadway theater debut in the play The Monogamist which earned him an award for his brilliant performance.

Timothy has acted in several movies like The Girl Next Door, Scream 2, Go, A Man Apart, and  Gone in 60 Seconds. He is best known for his role in the series, Justified, Deadwood, and Santa Clarita Diet, all of which he has been the executive producer for. Throughout his acting career, Timothy has been a three-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee. He is the recipient of many awards such as the Theatre World Award for his role in The Monogamist, the Young Hollywood Award for his role in Go, the Satellite Award for his role in the TV series Justified, and the Critics Choice Television Award for his guest appearance in the comedy series The Grinder.


  • Andy’s brother, Timothy is not just an actor but a tennis player as well
  • One of Andy’s nieces, Vivian is featured in the TV series Justified along with her father.


Coming from a reputable family, Andy today does what his ancestors once did by changing the lives of millions. He has taken up the path of representing talented individuals and not letting their talent go to waste.