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Novant Health Mission Statement Analysis Vision Core Value Strategy

Novant Health Mission Statement Analysis Vision Core Value Strategy

Are you looking to better understand the mission and values of Novant Health? This article will explain how Novant Health combines vision, core values and mission to form a powerful strategy. You will gain insight on how this healthcare system has been able to successfully serve its patients since 1997.


Novant Health is a not-for-profit healthcare system that focuses on providing accessible, personalized health care services to the community. As an integrated system of physician practices, hospitals and outpatient centers, Novant Health has a mission to improve the health of communities in the Southeast United States. This mission statement is supported by its core values and vision for the future.

In this report, we will analyze Novant Health’s mission statement and explore how it directly contributes to achieving its vision and core values. By digging deeper into this analysis, we will discover how Novant Health plans to serve its patients and communities in a comprehensive way.

This report will break down Novant Health’s mission statement and discuss how their core values play into their overall goals as an organization. We will look at the importance of quality assurance as well as their commitment to innovation and technological advances in healthcare delivery systems. Lastly, we will discuss how Novant Health approaches patient advocacy with regard to meeting customer needs while still respecting patient privacy regulations.

Through this study, we can gain insight into how Novant Health plans on achieving its ultimate purpose—providing excellent care for those who need it most—from the ground up.

Overview of Novant Health

Novant Health is a not-for-profit healthcare network that encompasses locations and offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. This system seeks to improve the health of communities one person at a time by providing the best care possible. They strive to provide comprehensive, accessible and patient-centered care through their dedication to innovation, collaboration and service excellence.

Novant Health’s mission is “to improve the health of our local communities with an unwavering commitment to providing quality medical care“. This mission is supported by their vision which “is to be recognized as a leader in quality health care, respected for our stewardship of resources and trusted for our commitment to caring“. In order to fulfill this goal they created five core values that guide them as they work as a team:

  1. Respect – Show respect for each other;
  2. Excellence – Strive continuously to exceed expectations;
  3. Service – Provide outstanding service;
  4. Teamwork – Value collaboration;
  5. Innovation – Lead with intelligent risk taking.

The core values represent their commitment to providing excellent personal care while continually looking for innovative solutions. By living these core values every day, Novant Health will continue their dedication to improving the lives of those they serve.

Analysis of Novant Health Mission Statement

A mission statement is an integral part of a company’s overall vision and serves as a roadmap that guides the development of their initiatives. The mission statement articulates the core values, beliefs, and purpose that the organization stands for. By articulating these principles, it provides a clear framework for decision-making, allowing employees to better serve the company’s customers and clients.

Novant Health is an integrated health care network based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Their mission statement reads: “To improve the health of our community through service, collaboration and innovation.” To truly understand how this mission reflects Novant Health’s core values and beliefs, it’s important to analyze each component separately.

The first component of Novant Health’s mission statement is “service”. This value emphasizes the importance of providing high-quality care to patients individually and collectively within their communities. They strive for excellence in medical services so that everyone can benefit from their expertise.

The second component is “collaboration” which speaks to Novant Health’s commitment to network with other medical institutions and organizations in order to both provide better care for their own patients as well developing strategic partnerships with others in order mutual benefit from established systems.

The last element is “innovation” which demonstrates Novant Health’s dedication to seeking out new ways to improve healthcare delivery while keeping up with advances in technology. By staying current on scientific developments they are able to offer therapies that are cutting edge within their industry while also helping their clients manage chronic conditions or access new treatments not available elsewhere locally or regionally.

In conclusion, by studying each element within Novant Health’s mission statement it becomes clear that they prioritize service, collaborative efforts with other organizations, innovation as means towards achieving good health outcomes throughout all communities that they serve.

Vision of Novant Health

The vision of Novant Health is to create “A healthier tomorrow, together.” This incredibly meaningful phrase is the heart and soul of the organization and sets a goal for each person to strive towards with dedication, persistence, compassion and integrity. This vision encompasses the health care system’s responsibility to its patients in that it provides quality evidence-based care that puts their needs first. It also speaks to how health care professionals must serve others in an understanding and compassionate way so that better experiences can be shared across the Novant Health community.

The overall mission of Novant Health is further outlined through its core values: excellence, leadership, respect for persons, diversity and inclusion, innovation and stewardship of resources. Underpinning these core values is a commitment to providing access to healthcare at all levels with a powerful motto—“Do no harm; do only good; be kind”—instilling ethical practices throughout all levels of the organization so that our best selves can shine through.

Core Values of Novant Health

Novant Health is guided by four core values that shape the culture of the organization – respect, diversity, integrity and joy. Respect is demonstrated in how Novant Health interacts with patients, each other and the people who supply products and services. Diversity echoes Novant Health’s willingness to embrace different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and life experiences. Integrity reflects a commitment to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior in providing health care services. Lastly, joy encourages an environment in which staff become part of a community dedicated to exceptional health care through hard work and play.

These core values set the foundation for Novant Health’s mission to improve the health of our communities through superior services personalized for no one but you.

Impact of Mission Statement

The mission statement of an organization is a short and concise statement that serves to define the organization’s role and purpose. Novant Health’s mission statement is “to improve the health of communities, one person at a time.” This mission statement has several effects on how Novant Health operates and functions in its pursuit of achieving this goal.

Firstly, this Mission Statement emphasizes the importance of community-oriented healthcare. This focus allows Novant Health to better meet the needs of its community by involving local partners in decision making, understanding local issues, and providing resources to address these unique problems. Furthermore, this approach gives stakeholders a feeling that their input is valued which leads to greater engagement with the organization.

In addition, the impactful language within the Mission Statement speaks to Novant Health’s commitment to providing high quality healthcare services on a personal level over simply treating medical cases. It underlines each individual’s worth as patients are recognized for their unique set of needs that must be individually addressed instead of being lumped into general categories based on received diagnoses or classes.

Finally, core values such as compassion, innovation, excellence and integrity are reflected within Novant Health’s Mission Statement as well as align perfectly with its overall target in improving community health one patient at a time. The combination of these core values sets expectations for every individual associated with Novant Health which ensures that they consistently meet their shared objective while upholding their highest belief system possible throughout all endeavors taken towards achieving such aspirations.

Challenges Faced by Novant Health

Novant Health is an integrated system of care with a mission to improve the health of our communities, one person at a time. Despite its positive mission and core values, Novant Health faces several challenges as an organization.

Novant Health is committed to providing quality patient care while juggling rising operational costs and shifting healthcare trends. With the current burden of uninsured or underinsured patients, Novant must take additional steps to ensure their financial sustainability in order to stay competitive in today’s market.

In addition, due to their commitment to serve the community and reduce health disparities, access for all patients can be an issue. The shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursements adds complexity for clinicians as they strive for fast, cost-effective treatment with adequate follow-up care.

As we move toward innovative models of healthcare delivery like telemedicine and patient self-management tools, Novant is tasked with finding innovative ways to implement these new models into their operations without straining staff resources or breaking budgetary constraints.

Finally, Novant must ensure that data privacy and security are top priorities as more sensitive data is shared between providers and organizations than ever before. As regulations around data privacy change over time, creating systems that keep pace with current best practices yet remain secure is necessary for continued success.


In conclusion, the Novant Health mission statement effectively conveys their values and purpose to customers and employees in an inspiring and informative way. It reflects Novant’s commitment to providing high quality healthcare in an ethical and compassionate manner, along with a dedication to investing communities, embracing health literacy, and valuing diversity. The vision they shared is inspiring and drives them to meet their goal of providing the best healthcare possible.

Their core values are also clearly embedded within their mission statement, emphasizing a focus on:

  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Innovation
  • Accountability

All of these elements taken together provide a clear direction of where Novant Health intends to lead the way in providing excellent healthcare for all those who seek it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the mission statement of Novant Health?

A: Novant Health’s mission is to improve the health of communities, one person at a time.

Q: What is the vision of Novant Health?

A: Novant Health’s vision is to create a seamless system of care that will ensure quality, accessible and affordable healthcare for all.

Q: What are the core values of Novant Health?

A: Novant Health’s core values are excellence, compassion, innovation, integrity and stewardship.