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Panera Bread Mission Statement Analysis Vision Core Value Strategy

Panera Bread Mission Statement Analysis Vision Core Value Strategy

Are you feeling confused and overwhelmed by the number of options available when it comes to selecting a fast food restaurant? Look no further! In this article, we delve deep into the mission statement and core values of Panera Bread to help you decide if it is the right fit for you. See how Panera Bread’s focus on fresh, quality ingredients and commitment to serving the community makes it a unique choice in today’s saturated market.


Panera Bread’s mission statement is “A loaf of bread in every arm,” which reflects the company’s commitment to offering its customers quality fresh baked goods, beverages and meals with convenience. As a leader in the fast-casual dining category, Panera Bread looks to create meaningful connections with its customers by serving perfect food with excellence and hospitality. In order to achieve this goal, the company focuses on three key elements: its vision, core values and culture. This guide will break down each element so you can better understand how Panera Bread serves its mission statement.

The first element is Panera’s vision, which starts with a passion for good food that nourishes the body and soul. This encompasses everything from their recipes to their fresh ingredients to customer service. Their vision also extends beyond the kitchen to include supporting local communities and initiatives that are creating positive impacts such as hunger relief programs.

The next element is Core Values that define how they do business and make decisions on a foundational level. These include:

  • Excellence at every turn
  • An open invitation to bring everyone together
  • Standing up for customers
  • Pursuing sustainability
  • Producing healthier offerings
  • Acting locally
  • Never forgetting human connection as part of their core purpose in serving “a loaf of bread in every arm“.

Finally, there’s the culture — it’s what ties everything together. It serves as a roadmap for how team members interact with each other both inside and outside the restaurant or bakery-cafe locations — from treating each other like family to cultivating trust across all levels within each location. This strong foundation supports Panera’s continued success in executing their mission statement as well as honoring their commitment to giving back through various charities like Feeding America® nationwide Charity Partner Program participation which works towards fighting hunger issues at local community levels.

Overview of Panera Bread

Panera Bread is a fast-casual restaurant chain that has been in business since 1981 and operates over 2,000 bakery cafes throughout the United States and Canada. Its menu features freshly prepared items such as sandwiches, salads, soups, mac and cheese, desserts, pastries and more. Panera Bread also offers catering delivery services for convenience.

At Panera Bread we strive to make the world a better place by providing consumers with delicious healthy indulgences through passionate service with warm hospitality each day. We believe that food should be fresh and nutritious; making each meal an opportunity to nourish body and soul. Our mission at Panera is to provide our customers with the best quality food – served in an environment of warmth and hospitality.

Our Vision for the future of Panera is to become an iconic brand when it comes to thoughtful nourishment; paving the way towards sustainable wellbeing for our customers and our communities as well. To this end, we are committed to creating nutritious food options that are freshly prepared using ingredients from sources whenever possible.

We have five Core Values that drive everything we do:

  • Quality service
  • Healthful eating
  • Sustainability & responsibility
  • Listening & responding
  • Diversity & inclusion

These values shape the culture at Panera Bread so that we may continuously create a warm and inviting atmosphere in all of our bakeries – no matter where you are in the world! Our aim is always provide exceptional customer service while fostering strong relationships with both our customers as well as each other here at Panera Bread so you can enjoy a memorable experience every time you visit us!

Panera Bread Mission Statement

Panera Bread is a leading restaurant brand known for their warm, welcoming environments and made-to-order menu. Purposeful in every aspect of their business, they not only strive to create delightful experiences for customers – but also build a purpose-driven culture that puts people first. This is reflected in the company’s mission statement:

“Our mission at Panera Bread is to serve the highest quality food with fresh ingredients and a genuine concern for our guests. We believe that we can make a difference by using resources responsibly and promoting well-being among our team, guests, and community.”

The Panera Bread mission statement emphasizes their commitment to providing quality food with fresh ingredients from local sources, striving to make a positive social impact within their communities and setting high standards for themselves as an employer. Their dedication to sustainability includes:

  • Using resources responsibly with initiatives such as composting food waste and reducing energy consumption in all locations;
  • Prioritizing ethical foods such as antibiotic/hormone-free meat, as well fair trade coffee;
  • Supporting diverse suppliers;
  • Creating an engaging work environment;
  • Staying mindful of environmental impacts in their visit experiences;
  • Volunteering through the Panera Cares program;
  • Sponsoring charity activities such as family meals nutrition education programs; and
  • Giving back throughout the year by supporting causes important to their guests.

Analysis of Panera Bread Mission Statement

Panera Bread is a quick service restaurant chain based within the United States that focuses on providing freshly made bakery items such as sandwiches, salads, baked goods and drinks. The mission statement of Panera Bread helps to guide its business operations, provide core values on which they are based and articulate the vision it has for its customers.

Analysis of the Mission Statement: The mission statement of Panera Bread is “To be the leading company in making great-tasting, quality food accessible to everyone in our markets. We will be socially responsible—in our commitment to the communities we serve—and focused on improving the health of those we touch.

This concise mission statement reveals several important facets about Panera Bread’s approach to running a successful business. First, they strive to provide quality food that tastes good and is accessible to everyone who lives in their service areas. Second, they are committed to being socially responsible and having a positive impact on their local communities. Finally, Panera Bread seeks to improve public health through their food offerings.

The mission statement establishes that these core values come first—customers are always top priority at Panera Bread; employees are valued for their hard work; and concern for improving public health remain driving forces behind each meal served. These values directly influence strategic decisions made by Panera’s managers and staff which keep them focused on providing excellent customer experiences with every interaction or purchase made within one of their locations or online channel offerings.

Panera Bread Vision

The Panera Bread Vision is to be the leader in providing an unforgettable customer experience with their fresh, artisan breads and cafe offerings which celebrate the joy of eating. This vision is realized through their commitment to baking fresh and nutritious food and providing professional and friendly service.

In addition, Panera Bread strives to create a culture within their organisation that encourages employees to develop their skills, realize their potential and grow with the company. The culture supports all employees in contributing to the success of Panera Bread as well as delivering on the company’s promises to customers. The company places a great emphasis on upholding sustainability standards, investing responsibly in communities and limiting operational expenses while still ensuring quality products that satisfy each customer.

The core values of only serving handmade, freshly-baked breads with care; offering freshly-crafted soups, salads and sandwiches; warmly welcoming all customers; treating colleagues as family; cooking with care; leading with respect; giving back to local communities; being passionate about perfectionism drive everything they do at Panera Bread.

Panera Bread Core Values

The core values of Panera Bread are firmly rooted in providing the best quality service to their customers. Panera’s mission statement is “To serve soulfully, genuinely, and with purpose.” To ensure that they are able to live out this mission, they have identified three core values that define their work: hospitality, attentiveness and passion.

  • Hospitality – To Panera Bread, it’s all about making sure their guests feel right at home when visiting their restaurants. They strive to provide a warm and inviting atmosphere by showing each guest kindness and understanding while respecting their individual needs.
  • Attentiveness – Being attentive means responding to the unique needs of each guest while seeking new ways to enhance their experience. This commitment involves anticipating what guests will need even before they can express it so as to continue serving them soulfully at all times.
  • Passion – With enthusiasm for every aspect of Panera Bread’s business operations from baking breads to preparing coffee drinks, baristas take pride in every detail that goes into crafting delicious dishes for customers. This passion for excellence is reflected in the relationships formed with guests through customized service offerings sure to exceed anyone’s expectations.

Through these core values, Panera Bread will continuously strive toward becoming the premier neighborhood bakery-cafe featuring fresh baked breads and great tasting food in an inviting atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.

Impact of Panera Bread Mission Statement and Vision

Panera Bread Company is committed to providing great tasting food by using the highest quality ingredients and taking a hands-on approach to customer service. The company’s mission and vision statement clearly lays out how the organization intends to serve its customers and make a positive difference in their lives. Through meaningful connections, Panera Bread works to make a difference in the world.

The company’s mission statement includes, “Food that’s good for the soul; served with honesty and fairness towards all; through meaningful connections, we want to make a difference.” The vision statement of Panera Bread is, “To be the recognized leader in bread-centric food experiences that nourish and delight our guests.”

These statements include three core values: integrity, quality and care. By adhering to these core values, Panera Bread seeks to create experiences that are unmatched by its competitors. The integrity value ensures that all of their operations are held up to ethical standards as well as striving towards transparency with all stakeholders when it comes to its business practices. As a result of their dedication to quality, customers can be sure they are getting top-notch products every time they visit one of their cafes. The customer-focused care value takes into account customer experience before anything else; from the moment customers walk into one of their cafes until the moment they leave.

All these elements blend together to create an atmosphere where people can feel welcomed, respected and nourished with delicious food choices full of life-giving energy for each person who visits any of Panera’s restaurants across the United States and Canada.


In conclusion, the mission statement of Panera Bread Company clearly reflects a commitment to providing customers with an outstanding dining experience as well as cultivating an environment that enables its team members to thrive. By emphasizing innovative menu items and creating a culture of respect, Panera Bread is making significant strides in fulfilling its mission.

The company’s core values are also integral in providing quality products and services while maintaining high levels of customer service. Through its emphasis on sustainability, Panera is helping to establish a more ecologically conscious approach to food production and consumption, ultimately helping preserve natural resources for future generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is Panera Bread’s mission statement?

A:Panera Bread’s mission statement is “Food as it should be: Simply delicious. Simply good. Simply Panera.”

Q:What is Panera Bread’s vision statement?

A:Panera Bread’s vision statement is “To be the leading provider of the finest quality food and environment for our guests and to be the world’s most loved bakery-cafe experience.”

Q:What are Panera Bread’s core values?

A:Panera Bread’s core values are Quality, Integrity, Community, Balance, and Consistency.