Goldman-Zachs Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Goldman-Zachs is a major company in the financial services industry. The company’s mission statement is to provide financial advisors with the tools and information they need to provide their clients with quality financial advice. The Vision section of Goldman-Zachs’ website discusses how they hope to change the landscape of investment counseling. They see themselves as … Read more

Hilton Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Hilton’s mission statement is to deliver the highest quality, most innovative experiences. Hilton Mission Statement Analysis and Vision is an in-depth look into this. The company has its roots in the hospitality business, which it continues to pursue with aggressive brand building tactics. Hilton has grown not only through vertical expansion but also by acquisition, … Read more

Ikea Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Ikea is a Swedish furniture retailer that has been in the business for over 30 years. The company has faced challenges that have led to its transformation into an international company. Ikea’s mission statement is to offer the widest choice in home furnishing products with highest quality, offered at affordable prices so everyone can afford … Read more

BuzzFeed Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

A company with a mission to make the world smarter, funnier, more interesting. BuzzFeed has managed to create content that is not only entertaining but also informative and engaging. BuzzFeed’s vision expresses what they believe in. They are looking to engage their audience with the content they create and use quality materials for this purpose. … Read more

Kroger Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Kroger is an American supermarket chain, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger operates under the banners of Fred Meyer, Fry’s Foods, Ralphs, and King Soopers in the United States; Tesco in the United Kingdom; Jumbo in China; and many others. Kroger’s mission statement is to feed people everywhere with quality food products at affordable prices. Although … Read more

Sony Mission Statement Analysis and Vision

Sony’s mission statement was written in the year 2006. This section will be using Sony’s Mission Statement Analysis and Vision to understand what Sony has been up to since 2006. Sony’s new mission statement is: We will be a company that takes on challenges and fulfills dreams. Sony is a corporation founded on September 6, … Read more