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Ruby Seale: A proud mother who is known because of her daughter

Ruby Seale

Ruby Seale herself was not a celebrity but she made her daughter capable enough to achieve something extraordinary in the world and become a world-famous personality. Ruby Seale is no more today but she is best known for being the mother of famous American politician Shirley Chisholm, who holds the honor of being the first black woman to be elected to US Congress.

Here, we are going to talk about all the life details of Ruby Seale. So, dig deep into the article.

Personal life 

Ruby Seale was born on 31 August 1901 in Christ Church, Barbados as the daughter of Kirby H Seale and Emaline G Chase. This is all you can get the early life of Ruby Seale. How was her childhood is not really known.

Moving on to the life of Ruby Seale during her youth, she got married to Charles Christopher St Hill, who was said to be a laborer in a factory by profession. Nothing much information is available about the marriage but it is believed to be a successful one. Ruby Seale lived a peaceful life for almost 90 years before leaving the world on 17 June 1991.

Parents and siblings

Apart from the names, you are unlikely to get anything significant about the parents as well as siblings of Ruby Seale. You already know that the names of her parents were Kirby H Seale and Emaline G Chase. What they used to do professionally and whether or not Ruby Seale had any siblings is not known.


Ruby Seale had three children with her husband Charles Christopher St Hill. Among all, Shirley Chisholm was the most popular one, who was a renowned American politician and died in 2005.

Education and profession

With the fact that Ruby Seale preferred to keep her personal life details to herself only, she never talked about her educational background. However, we believe that Ruby Seale was not a highly educated woman because she used to work as a seamstress to support her family financially. She would have done something high-paid if she was well educated.

Reason for the popularity of Ruby Seale

The whole credit for the popularity of Ruby Seale goes to her politician daughter, Shirley Chisholm, who had an interest in politics since her birth and she went on becoming the first Black US woman to be elected to the US Congress.

Net worth of Ruby Seale 

With the fact that the husband of Ruby Seale was a laborer and Ruby Seale herself was a seamstress, we can say that she lived her life in poverty. Her daughter, Shirley Chisholm, also many times talked about her poor family condition during her childhood. Given this fact, we can say that Ruby Seale did not have any net worth as such.


Ruby Seale struggled too much in her life but she provided everything she could to her daughter to help her achieve her dreams and her daughter finally did it. Ruby Seale was indeed a superwoman.