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Who is Shai Miller Peck? Meet Actor Josh Peck’s Son

Shai Miller Peck

Shai Miller Peck is the son of American actor, YouTuber and comedian Josh Peck. His mother is Paige O’Brien, and he has an older sibling named Max Milo, born in 2018. Shai Miller Peck was born on October 13, 2022; upon his arrival, his parents could not hide their joy as they shared the good news with their fans. Shai’s mother shared several pictures, professing her love for the young celebrity kid.

His Parents’ Love Life

It is unclear how Shai Miller Peck’s parents met, but they have been together since 2011; in October 2018, Shai’s mother posted on her Instagram page that it was their seventh year together, and she was happy with how things were going. Paige and Josh got engaged in 2016, and a year later, they exchanged their wedding vows with their family, loved ones and friends. The couple seems to be doing as they have supported each other, and hopefully, their union will last a long time.

What does Shai’s Mother Do?

Shai Miller Peck’s mother is a cinematographer; given the nature of her work, she has done several projects. Besides being a cinematographer, Paige is also an editor, and some of the films she has worked on include Let Go, Tell Me a Story and Black Wolf. After the birth of her two sons, Paige started spending more time with her kids, and thus, she has not been working as much as she used to in the early 2010s.

His Father’s Career

Shai’s father started his acting career in the 1990s; he used to perform at theatres before moving up to shows. When Josh was 10, he appeared in The Rosie O’Donnell Show; three years later, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting full-time. In Los Angeles, things were running softly for Shai’s father as he landed various roles; Josh is mainly known for appearing in the show Drake & Josh, where he played the role of Josh Nichols.

Shai’s father is still active in the entertainment industry, and hopefully, we will continue seeing him grace our screens for years to come.

What is the Net Worth of Shai’s Parents?

Shai’s parents have been working in the entertainment sector for a long time; for instance, his father started acting in 1996 and is still performing; throughout this time, he has appeared in several shows. Most of the shows he appeared in paid well, contributing to Josh’s net worth, which is estimated to be 6 million dollars.

Shai’s mother has also worked on various films as a cinematographer and editor, and her earnings must have contributed to her net worth. Given his parents’ wealth, Shai Miller Peck must live a comfortable life.

Are Shai’s Parents on Instagram?

Shai’s parents are both active on Instagram; his father enjoys a substantial following and likes sharing pictures of his family. For instance, when Shai was born, he took to his Instagram page to inform his fans of the new addition to his family. Besides Shai’s mother, Paige O’Brien is also on Instagram and likes sharing pictures of her family, especially her two sons, Max and Shai.