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Everything About Tove Torvalds, Linus Torvalds’s Wife

Tove Torvalds

Tove Torvalds is the wife of the famous software engineer Linus Torvalds. Linus started programming at the age of eleven using his grandfather’s computer, and many years later, he founded the Linux kernel that many cybersecurity experts love.

Tove and her husband are parents to three children, and they have been married since the 1990s. If you are wondering how the lovebirds met, here are more details about that story!

Tove Torvalds’s Marriage

Tove and Linus met in the early 1990s, and they started dating. Tove is a six-time Finish national karate champion, and her love life started as a joke. Tove met her husband when she was attending a computer laboratory class that Linus Torvalds was instructing.

After finishing the laboratory exercise, Linus instructed the attendees to send him an email as a test. Tove responded to the assignment, and she sent Torvalds an email asking for a date. The couple met in late 1993, and they started dating.

Tove and Linus later married, and they started their family in the 1990s. Two of Tove’s children were born in the United States, where Linus had migrated as a result of his career. The couple are happy parents of three daughters.

Tove Torvalds’s Husband

Linus Torvalds is Tove’s husband, and he is a famous software engineer. Linus had an interest in programming from a young age when he interacted with his grandfather’s computer, and later, he developed the Linux operating system, which has been used in many industries.

Torvald was born in Helsinki, and his parents were journalists. Torvald’s parents attended the University of Helsinki in the 1960s and later started their careers as journalists. Torvald was a bright student, and after high school, he joined the University of Helsinki, where he studied from 1988 to 1996. He graduated with a computer science master’s degree from the NODES research group, although his studies were disturbed by his joining the military.

Linus Torvalds joined the Finnish Navy Nyland Brigade in the summer of 1989 and attended an 11-month training program that made him go slow on his studies. He was promoted to second lieutenant as an artillery observer, but he never forgot his computer science career.

He bought a computer science book about Operating Systems: Design and Implementation, which helped him in developing his Linux kernel. The book enabled him to interact with UNIX for the first time, and it paved the way for his development.

The Development of Linux

The first Linux prototype was released in 1991. Torvalds was offered a work opportunity at the Linux Foundation, initially called Free Standards Group, and he started working on Linux and improving it. Torvalds has been involved in the improvement of Linux since its release, explaining why the company sponsors him to continue developing.

Due to his marvellous creations, Torvalds was given stock options for Red Hat and VA Linux in 1999 as a gratitude for his creations. In the same year, the company went public, helping Torvalds’s share value to shoot to $20 million.