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Everything About Shalom Lemel, Dorit Lemel’s Father

Shalom Lemel

While some individuals have worked so hard to gain the limelight, others like Shalom Lemel are famous due to their association with celebrities. Shalom’s daughter Dorit Lemel is a celebrity with a huge fan base because of her career as a TV personality, entrepreneur and designer.

Although Shalom is a celebrity father, he has ensured he leads a quiet life with his wife. Shalom is a proud father of three children, and he is more than happy that he is a grandfather to many grandchildren. If you are looking for more details regarding Shalom and his family, here are the full details.

Shalom Lemel Bio

Shalom Lemel is a celebrity father who was born on April 19, 1947, in Israel. Although he was born in Israel, he moved to the United States, where he lived for many years, earning citizenship.

Lemel is a happy husband to his long-term partner, Rachel Lemel, whom he shares with three children. Lemel and his wife gained recognition because of their daughter Dorit, but since then, they have kept off the limelight, explaining why the public knows little about them.

Shalom Lemel’s Children

Shalom is a proud father of three children. David Lemel is the eldest child of the couple, and he was welcomed in 1974. David is a hard worker, and sources indicate that he graduated from Western New England College and works as a realtor.

Two years after David was born, Shalom and Rachel welcomed Dorit to the United States on July 14, 1976. Debbie Lemel is the youngest child in Shalom’s family, and she was born in 1978. Trusted sources indicate that Debbie is a business lady venturing into the travel industry. She has a travel agency called Bespoke Travel.

Who is Dorit Kemsley?

Dorit Kemsley is a celebrity child who was born in 1976. She grew up in her home area, and after turning 19, she chose to travel the world and fulfil her childhood dream. She left Woodbridge, Connecticut, and lived in various places before finally returning to the United States from Italy in 2009.

While living in NYC, Dorit started the Dorit International business, and with time, she grew her brand. Currently, Dorit is a skilled entertainer, and she has built a name for herself in the industry.

Dorit works as an actress and fashion designer, and she is good at it. Dorit ensured she did a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Design and Communication, and it has helped her in her career.

Is Dorit Lemel Married?

The beauty of Dorit cannot be denied, and it raises the question if she is off the market. Currently, Dorit is married to Kemsley, who is nine years older than her. Dorit was married on March 7, 2015, at Rainbow Room in New York, and the wedding saw the couple start their family.

Dorit met her husband through mutual friends, and since then, they have been married for over five years, resulting in a big family with one boy, Jagger Kemsley, and a girl Phoenix Kemsley. Shalom is a proud grandfather, and besides Dorit’s children, he has three other grandchildren from his other children.