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Everything About Cristian Carabias Duque, Ximen Duque’s Son


Ximena Duque is a famous personality that has gained many fans because of her career as an actress. Her many years in soap operas have made Ximena a popular person, and fans are interested in her private life.

Cristian Carabias Duque is the first-born son of Ximena, and he reminds her of where she has come from. Having Cristian without a job while she was young was never easy, and this is where she learned that she had to work harder to provide a better life for herself and her son.

Cristian Carabias Duque’s Bio

Cristian Carabias was born in 2004 to her mother, Ximena. When Cristian was born, her mother was young, and she became a single mom. Ximena was never receiving help from her family members, and it resulted in a tough life with her son without a job.

Ximena’s son is now in his late teen years, and he has grown into an independent lad who never wants to bother his mother. Ximena has explained how he embraces and loves his son because of the comfort he gave her at her lowest point in life.

Where Does Cristian Carabias Duque Lives?

Cristian is a young, independent man, and he surprised his fans when he took them for a tour of his house. Cristian had got himself a two-bedroom apartment, and he was not bothered to share this great news with his fans.

In a Facebook post in 2022, Cristian revealed that he lived alone in the two-bedroom house. Ximena had initially revealed that her son was living alone for the first time, and the fans of the young man confirmed it after the house tour.

Cristian’s first house is located in Miami, Florida, and has two bedrooms and a better kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a  kitchen highland that serves as a breakfast area, and it is equipped with stainless steel appliances.

The house has a normal living area and a corral space between the kitchen and dining area that he uses as the corral space for his pets. Cristian disclosed that since he was living alone, he chose to have one of the bedrooms as his office.

During the tour, Cristian revealed that his mother had a huge mansion, but he preferred to be independent and pay for his house. Through affording his house, he loved the freedom that came with it.

Cristian Carabias Duque’s Mother

Ximena Duque is a famous Colombian actress recognized for her acting in numerous soap operas. Since she established her career as an actress, she has gone further into starting her business as her retirement plan.

Ximena is married to Jay Adkins, a businessman, and they have a clothing line that they use to empower others. The actress confirms that she may be retiring from acting soon, as she is working on a new project.

Ximena is a proud mother of three children, including Cristia. She has two daughters with her husband, Jay, and they are living a happy life while operating their clothing line. Although Ximena went through a tough life while raising her first child, she loves the bond she has with her son and the encouragement he offers her,