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Forever 21 Mission Statement Analysis

Forever 21 is an American clothing company that employs more than 15000 people worldwide. It was founded in 1984 by Do Won & Jin Sook Chang. This company was born in Los Angeles, California by a Korean couple who immigrated to the United States. Originally the store was called Fashion 21 and sold only women’s clothing. The principle of the company is to provide high quality clothing at a low cost.

Forever 21 History

Forever 21 has been in the fashion industry for a quarter of a century now. Some of the things you need to know about the company history: In 1984, Korean-born Jin Sook Chang and her husband Do Won, opened a clothing store in Los Angeles. They started with small fashion items but as the business progressed they started selling garments for children and adults. A few years after the opening, the business grew to more than 10 stores, though the couple had no experience in retailing. The business grew and in 1997, they introduced the concept of Forever 21 in the mall of the Del Amo Fashion Center. Then the business started to expand its ventures and started selling internationally through the online store in 2000. A year later, the online business.

 Forever 21 has been a leader in fashion since 1984. Originally a small clothing store, the company now operates over 690 stores in the US and Japan. Many of their clothes are made in China, India or Vietnam. So how did an American clothing company from Los Angeles, located at Wilshire Boulevard, become one of the most well known American fashion brands?

Forever 21 Mission Statement Analysis

The business opportunity, mission and vision are the 3 main components of the Company’s strategic direction. They are the means to communicate to operating units of the organization and ensure that the Company’s goals are being realized. The Company’s mission is to provide high-quality and fashion-forward merchandise at affordable prices. The Company’s vision is to be the world’s largest fashion-accessories company. The business opportunity is focused on achieving sustainable growth and profitability by leveraging the Company’s unique capabilities in sourcing, distribution and retailing fashion-accessories products.

I am analyzing Forever 21’s mission statement to see how the business is performing and how the future is looking for the company. The mission statement is the summary of the company vision and values of the company. The mission statement of Forever 21 is “Forever 21 is a leading specialty retailer offering a wide variety of current and next generation trend based, high quality products at affordable prices.”

Forever 21’s mission statement is to ‘dress young women everywhere in the latest trends’. The company is committed to offering the best styles at the best prices everyday.  Forever 21 is unique because it has the best of both worlds: high-quality, trend-setting styles at low prices. The company is committed to offering the best styles at the best prices every day.

Who Founded Forever 21?

Forever 21, Inc. was founded in 1984 by Do Won Chang, a Korean immigrant who opened two stores in Los Angeles, California. It started as a small, family-owned clothing store in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, selling “fashion” T-shirts at very low prices. The first Forever 21 store opened up on April 21, 1984, in Los Angeles on Figueroa Street. Within the next two years, Chang opened up a total of 5 stores in Southern California. Two years later, Chang decided to open his first store outside California, in Houston, Texas. By 1990, the company had grown to a chain of 17 stores and had opened up an additional two stores in Dallas, Texas.

Forever 21 Vision Statement Analysis

An organization’s vision statement is its ultimate goal, the thing that it seeks to achieve over time. And a good vision statement is a clear, concise explanation of what a business does and why it does it. Here’s an example of a good vision statement: “Our vision is to provide the best technology products and services in the country.” Here, the writer has made the statement specific (“technology products”) and explained why the company exists (“the best”).