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Nvidia’s Mission Statement, Vision, and Core Values Analysis

Nvidia is a global visual computing company that specializes in making GPUs. The graphics processing unit, or GPU, is central to more and more applications and as a result the Nvidia team has been doing some thinking about what the next three decades of innovation will look like.

If you’re reading this article, I can only assume that you have aspirations to be an entrepreneur, an employee of an innovative organization or either one of Nvidia’s many customers.

Nvidia’s Mission Statement Analysis

I have analyzed Nvidia’s mission statement to help you understand how to develop and achieve a mission statement that will serve your organization well into the future. First, I’ll provide you with some background information about Nvidia, then we’ll examine the company’s current mission statement and lastly I’ll discuss how to best provide for your own organizations’ vision of the future


Nvidia was founded in 1993 by Jen-Hsun Huang, a computer programmer, and Kirk “Gaz” Kjornliegh, an electrical engineer. Huang had helped invent the VLIW architecture used in most of the current graphics cards (GPUs) that are designed to be faster than traditional PCs.

Kjornliegh on the other hand had built the first VLSI chip that really took off.

What Is Nvidia’s Mission Statement?

Nvidia’s mission statement is “To put the world at one head”

Nvidia’s current mission statement is very similar to the original versions of the company’s mission statement written on its first business card. The mission with each new version of the mission statement has been widened to be more inclusive and accurate. The original version read “To put the world at one head with chips.” This simple goal has been updated a few times but this year it will soon change again, this time to “To put humanity at one head” which I think is much more accurate.

What Is Nvidia’s Vision Statement?

“The most powerful computing platform ever made”

Nvidia is looking ahead to make the most powerful computing platform ever made. I think that this platform will look very much similar to what computers look like today but with the added power that is needed to revolutionize how we interact with technology and each other.

What Does Nvidia Expect To Achieve Through Their Mission Statement and Vision Statement?

“Empower every person on earth to realize their full potential.”

What Are Nvidia’s Core Values?

“Empower: challenge the impossible”

To empower every person on earth to realize their full potential. To challenge the impossible by creating technology that is even more complex than that required for this goal.

“Exceed: set higher expectations”

To exceed every person’s expectation of what is possible with technology by providing products and services that are beyond quality. To set higher expectations for design and product performance, by challenging the impossible.

Nvidia History

Jen-Hsun Huang‘s company was started in his garage with a small amount of money from his friends and family. It had become one of the largest companies in the world.

The original mission statement included “To put the world at one head with chips” which has been updated many times but this year will change again to “To put humanity at one head.”

As I mentioned above, Nvidia’s previous mission statement was much more simple.


Nvidia believes that technology will be the means to help accomplish this goal. The company is working on making a computing platform that will be capable of doing this.

The use of technology and computer devices in the future will allow every person to reach their full potential. With the aid of this platform, we will become empowered and more aware of each other’s presence.

The company’s current mission statement is similar to what it was when it was founded.